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About Us

Who is behind VPNAnchor?

My name is Calvin, and I am the founder of VPNAnchor.

I am a strong advocate of internet privacy, security and freedom so I decided to set up this site. A VPN is one tool that is perfectly in line with what I believe in. 

The expansion of the internet has seen more people fall victim to online attacks. These come in many forms like hacking, annoying popups, popunders, phishing, content restrictions due to geographical location, to name a few.

A good quality VPN guarantees your privacy on the internet as your traffic is hidden from elements that may try to gain access to it.

Why VPNAnchor?

VPNAnchor is a review site where you drop your anchor and get in-depth reviews of the top VPN services that are currently available. 

What is unique about VPNAnchor is that we touch on broad topics to do with cyber-security in our active blog.

Given the multitude of VPNs on offer, finding the right one for your needs is overwhelming. 

Here at VPNAnchor we expertly unpack all the information you need to make a decision.

What is our mission?

  • We help you surf the internet using the best VPN without you worrying about privacy issues

Trust me, a lot of unscrupulous elements are lurking all over the web, itching to lay their hands on your personal data. 

The comforting news is that they are playing catch-up to current, robust VPN services. Don’t fall for dubious VPN services out there that promise to match premium VPNs. 

The golden rule is if it’s free, there is got to be a catch somewhere. I wrote a full article on why you need to steer clear of free VPNs so make sure you read it. 

When it comes to personal security, take no chances. You may end up paying big after being hacked.

Where do you start?

To get the most out of this site, find the best VPN for your device in this link and this section leads you to a detailed review of specific VPNs. You can also check out a list of coupons and discounts that are on offer.

An active blog also available. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss any of our posts. We are also found on Facebook and Twitter.

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