howard university has cancelled classes after ransomware attack scaled

Reading Time: < 1 minute REvil, the notorious ransomware gang behind a string of cyberattacks in recent years, appears to have run out of steam once again, roughly a month after the cybercrime group bounced back on the scene following a two-month-long hiatus. The development, first spotted by Recorded Future’s Dmitry Smilyanets, comes after a member affiliated withContinue Reading


Reading Time: 2 minutes The National University Of Science and Technology (NUST), Zimbabwe, has suffered a major setback after hackers break into NUST system, resulting in loss of student’s results and registration information. This unfortunate incident leaves one to wonder why a major university like NUST has no backups in place, amid fears thatContinue Reading

is opera vpn really safe

Reading Time: < 1 minute A new deceptive ad injection campaign has been found leveraging an ad blocker extension for Google Chrome and Opera web browsers to sneakily insert ads and affiliate codes on websites, according to new research from cybersecurity firm Imperva. The findings come following the discovery of rogue domains distributing an adContinue Reading

hacker 5471975 640

Reading Time: < 1 minute The operators behind the pernicious TrickBot malware have resurfaced with new tricks that aim to increase its foothold by expanding its distribution channels, ultimately leading to the deployment of ransomware such as Conti. The threat actor, tracked under the monikers ITG23 and Wizard Spider, has been found to partner withContinue Reading