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To start buying and selling Bitcoin or Altcoin, you need a wallet. You may get overwhelmed by this stage because there are plenty of wallets out there. Fortunately, we picked the best wallets on the market:

Hot Wallet (Free)

This is termed a hot wallet because it is connected to the internet. You can easily buy and sell Bitcoin or Altcoin from an exchange and transfer them to your wallet. wallet is very secure and highly encrypted such that not even the team at cannot get into your account. There is also a downloadable app for you mobile device and a peer-to-peer exchange.

That is why they emphasize that you keep your login credentials very safe. Once you lose them, you lose access to your wallet. One way to remove unwanted surveillance is to use a VPN when accessing you wallet.

Open your Wallet and start trading

Cold Wallet (Paid)

A cold wallet is the safest way to store your Bitcoin or Altcoin. This is because it is not connected to the internet, hence the term ‘cold’. There is no risk of hackers accessing your precious cryptocurrencies. However, buying or selling is not as efficient as in a hot wallet. Cold wallets are best for storing your cryptocurrencies safely.

When you talk about cold wallets look no further than Ledger. This piece of hardware sets the standard of offline wallets and currently has 2 versions – the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X.

Get your Ledger wallet and take things offline

Top Exchanges

To buy or sell cryptocurrencies you need an exchange so that you can easily connect to the best exchange rate. There are several exchanges out there but at the top of the list you are safe with the following list. Some exchanges have country restrictions so when signing up check to see if your country is listed. We have selected ones with zero hassles when signing up.




Once you have joined exchange and you have a wallet you can easily buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Let me know what you think in via email. Which wallet are you using? Don’t forget to be secure on the internet. Use a VPN to hide your traffic.

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