Best Way To Keep Your Data Private Online. Watch This Video.

best way to keep your data private online

Why you need to keep your data private online

Now is the time when privacy is of greatest concern because a lot of people’s information is online. There has to be an easy, best way to keep your data private online and part of it is hiding your traffic. Countries are now more sensitive to cyber-security with the latest being Tik Tok ban by India and the government of Zimbabwe considering a new cyber-security bill. Fortunately, a solution is there to protect your identity when you are online. Watch the video below:

Is your data private online?

By default, there is always a ‘Big Brother’ watching you when you go online. It may be a hacker, your ISP or another third party. Guarding your online privacy is something you have to pursue actively. It doesn’t get easier than selecting a top-rated VPN service like ExpressVPN. You can also make use of a VPN wizard we have on the site to quickly connect you with the best VPN for your device.

How a VPN solves the problem

A VPN has numerous features bundled up as a way to keep your data private. This is only guaranteed if you use one of the top VPN services without serious flaws. Avoid the temptation of using any VPN that has not been put under the microscope. You can learn more about dangers of free VPNs in one article

Back to best VPNs

The following features are standard and help you stay anonymous on the web

  • No logging of your data
  • No DNS leaks
  • Periodic security audits to identify areas that need improvement
  • Adblock (in some)
  • Anti-malware (in some)
  • Black listing of malicious sites
  • Rotating IP addresses and Shared IP addresses
  • Latest encryption protocols

How is your data used?

Your browsing data is like gold to advertisers and hackers. 

Advertisers use this to push targeted ads to you and these may be too intrusive or even cause a poor browsing experience. 

Hackers can do anything with your data, from:

  • Stealing your identity 
  • Introducing malware in your device
  • Use your login credentials to access your online accounts
  • Other malicious activities

You ISP (Internet Service Provider) also sees everything you do online. In some cases, if you visit sites known to use a lot of bandwidth, your ISP may limit bandwidth allocated to you. This is so that you don’t slow down the network. However, as a way to keep your data private and hide you from your ISP, a VPN encrypts all your traffic. Your ISP has no idea what you do on the internet.

What deal can you get with the ExpressVPN?

Currently, ExpressVPN is running a promotion where you get 35% off for a 1-year plan. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. This VPN service has the fastest servers so if you want to access streaming sites or download big files, you are covered. 

Read Editor’s review of ExpressVPN

Alternatively, as highlighted above, use a VPN wizard to choose the best VPN for your device. All the VPN services that are reviewed on VPNAnchor are trusted services with all the standard features. 

NordVPN is the VPN of choice if you want a VPN that provides the best value for money. It has a lot of extras that further enhance your security and anonymity.

What else do you need to stay private?

It is never a bad thing to cover every potential security breach. That is why NordPass is available as the ultimate password manager. This should always be used with a VPN so that you go completely private online. 

NordPass generates very complex passwords and saves them automatically in a cloud-based vault. Military-grade encryption is used to ensure no hacker remotely attempts to gain access to the vault. 

With NordPass, you have no risk of developing password fatigue. Trust me, remembering tens of passwords by head is not a pleasant experience. NordPass is completely free, so you can get protected right away.

Conclusion on the best way to keep your data private online

You can start today taking your privacy seriously and keep your online business to yourself. Just follow these two steps as the best way to keep your data private online:

  1. Get a VPN
  2. Get NordPass

VPNAnchor covers other top VPN services and you are safe selecting any one of them. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Also rate us on Trustpilot as we continue to build our reputation and assist more individuals across the world. 

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