How A VPN Unblocks Twitter Easily 100% Of The Time

use a vpn to easily unblock twitter
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Twitter restrictions

In 2019, some countries decided to block Twitter, hence citizens lost access to the platform. These countries include North Korea, China, Iran and Turkmenistan. However, there is a solution and in this article we look at how a VPN unblocks Twitter easily.

If you travel to these regions, you can’t view your favorite tweets and this goes against the right to internet freedom.

By using trusted VPN services, you can successfully gain access to Twitter.

Watch the video below to learn how one of the best VPNs, ExpressVPN, is used to unblock Twitter.

Can ExpressVPN unblock Twitter?

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ExpressVPN is a premium VPN with the ability to unblock Twitter.

There are more than 3000 VPN servers worldwide and these are highly optimized.

Your data is protected by military-grade encryption and OpenVPN protocol.

Customer support is excellent with live chat available if you need any assistance.

Get the best deal with ExpressVPN via the link provided above.

How a VPN unblocks Twitter

how a vpn unblocks twitter easily

When connected, the VPN establishes a VPN tunnel when you connect to the internet.

In this tunnel, all your traffic is encrypted so basically no-one can see what sites you are visiting.

The same applies if you visit social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

  • Your ISP is not able to see that you have visited Twitter so cannot block you.

Other features of a VPN

You should stay away from proxies as they only encrypt browser traffic while a VPN ensures that all apps on your device are secured.

Even if you visit sites over HTTPS, your ISP can still log all the sites you visit, even if the data is encrypted.

Low-quality VPNs, usually the free ones, don’t do a good job either in making sure all your activity is private.

In some cases, these dubious VPNs are used to gather your browsing data, to be later used by third parties or even the government.

These free-VPN providers also cash in by selling your browsing metrics to advertisers.

It’s easy to choose the best VPN and I have written an article highlighting the top features to consider when selecting a VPN.

  • At a glance, other premium VPN services to consider are:

All the premium VPNs metioned above have the basic requirements you need to erase your digital footprint.

These standard features are:

  • No logging of your online browsing data. Nothing on the VPN servers links back to you.
  • Zero DNS leaks because any DNS queries are handled by the VPN servers, not the ISP
  • Large pool of IP addresses to select from
  • Military-grade encryption with use of modern VPN protocols
  • Excellent customer support with live chat.
  • Money-back guarantee, no questions asked.
  • Kill switch in all VPNs to keep out any ‘roving eyes’

You can read detailed reviews of the respective VPNs here on VPNAnchor

Password security

There is a lot of incidences where Twitter accounts are hacked.

One of the ways to get hacked is when you don’t use a strong password.

In this era of advanced IT, it is important to stay 2 steps ahead.

A password manager is essential to generate strong, secure passwords and also keep them safe.

NordPass is an advanced password manager you can start using FOR FREE.

Read more about Nordpass


A VPN enables you to access Twitter from any part of the world, provided there is internet access.

The best thing is that it operates at system level so all the apps on your device pass through the VPN.

If you start using ExpressVPN, you get 35% discount off the 1-year plan.

In addition, there is a also a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you test out all the features before you settle for a plan.

Alternatively, you can pay monthly if you don’t want a long plan.

This is how you use a VPN to easily unblock Twitter and take back your internet freedom.

As you read other sections of VPNAnchor, you realize that a VPN also unblocks many sites.

One of the popular sites is Netflix, and if you watch Netflix shows regularly, make sure you subscribe to our Newsletter.

Every week, we bring the top 10 Netflix shows so that you know what to watch during the weekends.

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