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How A VPN Improves Your Gaming Experience Instantly

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Background of VPN and gaming

If you are an online gamer, you know how important it is for internet connection speed to be fast. If there is a lot of lag, playing the game sucks. In this article, we look at how a VPN improves your gaming experience.

Online games require a lot of bandwidth and nowadays these games are streamed in high definition.

Players compete with each other while streaming live so there is no room for a poor network.

Apart from making it easier to play games online, a VPN offers security and privacy so that hackers don’t gain access to your information.

Your IP address is your secret and it’s a good habit to use a VPN every time.

It works at operating system level, so any app that is on the device passes through the VPN unlike a proxy which only encrypts browser traffic.

Bandwidth throttling by ISP

When you are online without a VPN, your ISP can see all the gaming sites you visit.

If you start streaming games that require a lot of bandwidth, your ISP may decide to limit the bandwidth.

Subsequently, your gaming experience may suffer because of an even slower speed.

With a VPN, all your traffic is encrypted and DNS queries are handled by VPN servers.

Therefore, you ISP is not able to see any site you visit. Even if you are streaming high resolution games, there is no bandwidth throttling that takes place.

This gives you superior gaming experience with zero lags.

Watch the video below and start using Hide.me, a VPN that is perfect for gaming.

Choosing the best VPN

It is important to choose the best VPN service for gaming and paid VPNs always emerge at the top.

This is because they have all the standard VPN features that are needed in a VPN and these are:

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Is Hide.me good for gaming?

Hide.me is a premium VPN that has more than 1800 active servers worldwide.

These servers are fast and able to handle online activities like gaming or streaming videos.

It supports all major operating systems and this means you can use Hide.me on your computer, phone or console.

There are no DNS leaks and zero logging of your data on the VPN servers.

This is important is you frequent free gaming resources that may put your security at risk.

  • VPNAnchor does not support use of a VPN for illegal activities so make sure you don’t break the law.

Hide.me is definitely a good VPN for gaming and to get reliable functionality, use the paid version.

The free version gives you access to a few network servers and has less speed.

Get 61% off and use Hide.me for only $4.99/month by using the link below.

Are there better options?

The quick answer is yes. Although Hide.me is a premium VPN that gets the job done for most gamers, there are other options to consider.

If you read a guide outlined in one article, you realize there are factors to consider when selecting the best VPN.

  • At a glance, these are the other top VPNs you should check out:

NordVPN is the overall best VPN with a perfect balance of speed, security and pricing.

All these VPN services can be used with your console and one account supports multiple devices simultaneously.


Next time you want to play games online make sure you use Hideme VPN.

Not only does your gaming improve, but you also do it with security and privacy.

You login credentials can easily be managed by NordPass, a free cloud-based password manager from NordVPN.

Nowadays, as passwords need to be more complex, a great password manager is a must.

Now you know a VPN improves your gaming experience.

Leave comments below and let me know which VPN you are using.

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