What Is Split Tunneling In VPN? These 5 VPNs Use It

what is split tunneling in vpn

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Definition of split tunneling

Split tunneling is a process that allows you to route traffic partly outside the VPN tunnel and partly in the VPN tunnel. This means you have traffic that uses your actual IP address while the rest uses a masked IP address. In this article, we answer the question “What is split tunneling in VPN” and dig deeper in the topic.

Benefits of split tunneling

  • User doesn’t have to continuously connect and disconnect in a bid to access different networks
  • VPN bandwidth is saved because traffic that doesn’t need to be encrypted passes outside the VPN tunnel

Disadvantages of split tunneling

  • Traffic outside the VPN tunnel is not secured and can be hacked
  • ISP can view traffic outside the VPN tunnel, thus compromising privacy

Inverse split tunneling

This is similar to split tunneling except that by default, traffic from any connected device does not pass through the VPN tunnel.

You have to select which traffic passes through the VPN tunnel. VPNs like ExpressVPN support inverse split tunneling.

In split tunneling, all traffic from connected devices passes through the VPN tunnel by default.

what is split tunneling in vpn

VPNs that support split tunneling

There are top VPN services that support split tunneling and you can start using any of them today. They all come with a money-back guarantee so that you select the best product suited for you.

These VPNs are:


This is a top VPN with super-fast servers that are ideal for streaming and other online activities that require high bandwidth.

If price is not an issue (ExpressVPN plans are relatively costly), this is easily the best VPN you can use.

You get strong encryption and excellent customer support with live chat to address any issues.

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Private Internet Access VPN

This is another heavy-weight with extensive server coverage and strong security. 

Split tunneling is available and you are able to access sites that require your actual IP address e.g your bank.

The VPN service comes with no DNS leaks, a reliable kill switch, zero logging of your data and more.

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Surfshark VPN

This VPN is very popular thanks to its affordable plans and frequent big promotions. Surfshark is definitely amongst the best VPNs.

You also get support for split tunneling, making your internet browsing fast and efficient.

There is support for all major operating systems and that makes it a good choice for a small family.

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IPVanish VPN

This VPN service is based in the USA and also offers all standard features that you should look for in a VPN.

There is no free trial when you start using IPVanish, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Just like in other top VPNs, you get servers all over the globe. This gives it a good network reliability plus a wide selection of IP addresses to use.

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CyberGhost VPN

When it comes to hiding completely on the net, CyberGhost is at the top. 

This VPN service has implemented anonymous dedicated servers such that not even the CyberGhost team keeps track of IP addresses assigned to users.

In other words, they continue to push the boundaries of security and anonymity.

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Split tunneling is obviously part of the package you get. However, as highlighted above, keep in mind that traffic outside the VPN tunnel is exposed to hackers and other interested parties.


Next time you come across the question “What is split tunneling in VPN” you now know what it’s all about. You can refer to the article in future.

Follow the links above to read in-depth reviews of the listed VPN services. You also get to appreciate the various promotions that each VPN service has to offer.

Don’t forget to deactivate split tunneling when you need to be completely secure online. Keep in mind that traffic outside the VPN tunnel is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

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