iphone 12 and what makes it outstanding

iPhone 12 And What Makes It Outstanding. Here Are The Features

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Official launch of iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 was officially launched on the 23rd of October 2020 and the event was spectacular. There are 4 brand new iPhone 12s that were announced including other hardware. These are 2 iPhone 12s and 2 iPhone 12 Pros, the largest number of phones they have released at once. This shows that Apple is taking the smartphone industry very seriously in the face of competing giants like Samsung. In this article, we look at iPhone 12 and what makes it outstanding.

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Now let’s get into details…

The bulk of the upgrades were made for the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Mini, and these represent the mid-range new phones from Apple.

This is a wise tactic because if you look at iPhone 11, their other mid-range phone, it is a best selling phone.

Therefore, it is wise to tweak the specs in a Phone range that has high sales so that consumers remain attached to it.

The iPhone 12 is the first phone to shoot Dolby Vision HDR Video.

You can also edit, view and Air-play cinema-grade videos right from your phone.

This is available in both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The only difference is you shoot 30 FPS in iPhone 12 and 60 FPS in iPhone 12 Pro.

Mid-range phones: iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini

These 2 phones have the same exact specs except for differences in size.

You don’t miss any bells and whistles if you choose an iPhone 12 Mini over the iPhone 12.

All the goodies are encased in an Aluminium casing.


iPhone 12 Mini $699, pre-orders start Oct 16 , shipping starts Oct 23

iPhone 12 $799, pre-orders start Nov 6 , shipping starts Nov 13

These phones come with new designs and 5 new colours; Pacific Blue, Green, Black, White and Red

The iPhone 12 is actually 11% thinner, 15% smaller and 16% lighter than the iPhone 11.

The biggest upgrade on these mid-range phones is a Retina Super-XDR OLED display. These displays have higher contrast ratios and are brighter.

There is also a higher resolution of 460 ppi in iPhone 12, higher than 326 ppi on iPhone 11.

So you find the OLED display in the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12.

This is a pull factor for most people because colors are more vivid and precise on these phones.

This was challenge with iPhone 11 because iPhone 11 Pro offered a better screen so people naturally gravitated away from the mid-range iPhone 11.

iPhone 12 Mini closer look

This phone is TINY, even smaller than the iPhone SE! It’s a phone for those who love mini phones and it fits in your pocket easily.

However, since it’s very small there is limited space for a battery.

This means if you are a heavy user of battery-thirsty apps, it is going to quickly drain your battery.

We hope Apple has factored that when designing the power management system.

At the back of these phones you have magnets, called Magsafe. They secure accessories like chargers, cases etc and these easily snap into place.

The screens were also upgraded and are said to be 4 times more durable than any smartphone glass on the market at the moment.

Hopefully, it’s time to say goodbye to cracked screens and expensive repairs.

Upgraded Specs of mid-range phones

There is now a new A14 Bionic chip with better GPU perfomance and an upgraded camera system. This is the heart of iPhone 12 and what makes it outstanding:

  • 40% faster than the A13
  • 50% faster graphics
  • 6 core CPU
  • 4 core GPU
  • Enhanced neural engine (16 units)

You also get a new dual camera system, that is an Ultra Wide lens and a Wide lens. Night mode is also available in all phone cameras.

The big ones: iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max

In addition to features above, you get more cool features in the iPhone Pro.

If you want an even better camera system, you go for either of these two.

The design is fresh, with new screens, bigger size and very different from predecessors. In the iPhone Pro you get a 6.1” screen and in the iPhone Pro Max, you get a 6.7”, screen.

The iPhone 12 Pro comes with a stainless steel band, precision made back glass and also a front ceramic shield.

You get the fastest ever camera system that comes as a 7-element lens, Wide camera with an F 1.6 aperture.

There is a 27% improved low-light performance in photo and video. An Ultra Wide camera has a 120 degree field view.

The 3rd 52 mm (62 mm in ProMax) telephoto camera has an optical zoom range of up to 4X. You also get the Lidar sensor, imported from iPad Pro.

There are 4 different colours and these are Silver, Graphite, Gold and Pacific Blue.

The Gold colour in the range is outstanding as its is indistinguishable from the colour of real gold.

These phones, like the mid-range iPhone 12, also support 5G and that is awesome because after a few years maybe 5G will be the new standard.

You also get 120 Hz screens, good for gaming enthusiasts.


iPhone 12 Pro $999, pre-orders start Oct 16 , shipping starts Oct 23

iPhone 12 Pro Max $1099, pre-orders start Nov 6 , shipping starts Nov 13


There were rumours that Apple would not include a charger in the box, and this is true.

There is no USB C charging in any of the iPhones but they include a USB C-to-lightning cable.

You have to buy the brick separately or embrace wireless charging.

As a result, the boxes are smaller and the environmental impact is positive.


That summarizes the highlights of iPhone 12 and what makes it outstanding.

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