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List Of Apps Removed From Play Store 2021. Security & Privacy Risk

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Last Updated on March 24, 2021 by Calvin C.

Satori Threat and Intelligence Research is an organisation involved in making sure sure apps on Play Store are safe. In this article, we look at a list of apps removed from Play Store because of security and privacy issues.

Fraudulent apps on Play Store

According to a report released by Satori Threat and Intelligence Research, about 164 apps were axed from the Play Store after exhibiting fraudulent tactics.

Normally, on Play Store you should find genuine apps without any shady intentions. 

However, you get developers who use a ‘bait and switch’ approach to trick you into downloading their apps before bombarding you with Ads.

These Ads tend to pose a privacy and security risk because:

  • They slow down your device
  • Some Ads may be inappropriate and out of context
  • You may end up visiting malicious websites
  • Too many Ads are displayed

One of the ways in which developers churn out many apps is by reskinning popular apps.

Play Store is less restrictive than App Store so many of these knock-offs slip through the cracks without being detected.

The goal of these fraudulent publishers is to make money, so once an app is downloaded, you get tonnes of Ads, thus messing up the user-experience.

These 164 apps were downloaded at least 10 million times and this shows that a significant number of users are yet to uninstall these apps.

In other words, you need to check if you have one of these apps.

  • Before we dive into the list, make sure you stay safe on the internet by hiding your identity and encrypting your traffic using a VPN.

Our overall VPN of choice is NordVPN

list of apps removed from play store

Apps you should remove from your phone

If you have any of these apps installed in your phone, I advise you to uninstall them and use a genuine version.

AppPackage nameDownloads
3D Photo Editorcom.vmins.frameefects50,000
3D Tattoo Photo Editor & Ideascom.softwalk.threedtattoo10
Applock 2020 – App Locker & privacy guardcom.applock.meetink1,000
AppLock New 2019 – Privacy Zone & Lock your appscom.padgamestd.applock1,000,000
Assistive Touch 2020com.teen.asasitivetouch.easytouch10,000
Audio Video,000
Audio Video,000
Battery Saver Pro 2020 – New Power Savercom.lastwod.battery.saver.ram.cleaner100,000
Block Puzzle 102: New Tentris Maniacom.tetris.blockpuzzle3d1,000
DJ Mixer Studio 2018com.master.djsona1,000,000
GPS Speedometercom.lissandras.telannasi.free100,000
Graffiti Photo Editor – Graffiti Creatorcom.popperx.graffitiphoto2020500
iSwipe Phone Xcom.goldese.controlcenter5,000,000
Lock app with Password – Applock All App Protectorcom.tklinkst.applock100,000
loudest alarm clock evercom.loudultrasound.alarmclock10,000
Lovedays Memory 2020 – Love Counter Togethercom.go2counter.lovedays500
Magnifier Zoom + Flashlightkr.xmatools.magnifier100
Max Cleaner – Speed Booster Pro 2021com.pipgami.phonecleaner100
Motocross Racing 2018com.ganplank.motorracing10,000
Name Art Photo Editorcom.binkai.heartnameart10,000
Nox Cool Master – Cool Down,000
OS 13 Launcher – Phone 11 Pro Launchercom.launcher.ios13.ip11usa50,000
OS Launcher 12 for iPhone Xcom.landroid.ios12.ios12us100,000
Photo Editor Awesome Frame Effects 3Dcom.pipgamiz.photoeditor1,000
Rain Photo Maker – Rain Effect Editorcom.goldxia.raineffect10
Repair System For Android & Speed Boostersystym.rypyir.fyx.opyryting.systym.pryblym100
Ringtone maker – Mp3 cuttercom.xmwork.ringmaster.maker1,000,000
Ringtone Maker Ultimate: New Mp3 Cuttercom.castofworld.ringtonemaker100,000
Secure Gallery Vault: Photos, Videos Privacy Safecom.kovelp.securegallery50,000
Smart Cleaner-Battery Saver, Super Boostercom.cleaner2020.myphone.pro1,000
Super Phone Cleaner 2020com.phonecludner.memorycxeener.fsxtcharging1,000
Video Music Cutter & Merge Studiocom.macthink.musictrimmer.mp3ringtonecutter100,000
WiFi File Transfer 2019wifi.transfer.pops500
WiFi Key – Free Master WiFicom.heimerdinger.wifi100,000
WiFi Speed Testpth.speedtest.PeaSoft500,000
Wps Testercom.veigar.dravenpthis500,000
WPS WPA WiFi Testcom.vendra.ivernwpswpa100,000
100 mb Internet Speed Test – Broadband Speed
2 Ways Call Recorder Automatic, Record Phone Callscom.skud.callrecorder.test
3D Awesome Frame Effectscom.gankmi.frameworkers
3D Photo Frames Effects & 3D Art Photo Makercom.photo_frame.frame_maker
Animals Sound Ringtones Real Freecom.mikjay.animalringtones
Anti WannaCry Virus – Androidcom.neufapps.antiviruswannacry
Antivirus – Virus Removercom.ceberusni.antivirus
Antivirus 2017com.mobileagency.xray
Antivirus 2017com.mobiquev.antivirus
Antivirus 2017 & Cleanercom.antivirus.freecleaner0021
Antivirus 2017 & Cleanercom.avast.antiviru
Antivirus 2020, Cleaner &
Antivirus For Androidcom.uranusmobile.antivirus
Antivirus Pro 2017com.se7en.antivirus
Assistive Touch 2018com.volibears.assistouch
Audio Video Editor Mixer 2019 – Video Cuttermacthinkbox.mp3audioeditor.videomixed
AV Antivirus 2017com.tonyinc.antivirus
Battery Doctor – Power Battery
Battery Doctor 2018 – Fast Chargerplutanio.fastcharger.batterysaver
Battery Saver – Fast Chargingcom.batterylife.battery
Battery Saver – Saving Battrycom.Connon.batterysaver
Battery Saver
BeanPro Antiviruscom.beanpronew.antivirus
Big Front – Change Front Sizecom.bigfont.aether
boost clean (junk cleaner pro)
Call Block Blacklist and Block SMS Easycom.tklinkmast.callblacklist
Call Recorder For Androidcom.zuka.callrecorder.voice
Chinese Chesscom.xinzhao.chinesechess
Clean My Android – Antiviruscom.antivirus.cours.faradd
cleaner booster -ultra
Collage Makerphoto.mnxmax.collagemakerpro
Control Center IOS 12 – Phone X Control Centercom.goldese.phonrcontrolcenter
Cool Master -CPU Device Coolercom.ktopgames.coolmaster
Don’t Stop Eighth Notecom.cassiopei.shen
Don’t Stop Eighth Notecom.fizzgaren.ryze
Don’t Stop Eighth Note 2com.Dontstop.eightnote
Don’t Stop Eighth Note Zombiecom.appsleon.dontstop
Eighth Notecom.tryndamer.nami
Eighth Note
Eighth Note: Yasuhaticom.khapkamer.kali
Fast Charger – Dr Battery 2017com.kenpasea.saver
Feeding Fishcom.tony.fishes
Followers – Unfollowers For Instaapp.draven.unfollow
Free Antivirus-Mobile Securitycom.namiprotect.antivirus
Free VPN Proxy – Unlimited VPN & WiFi Securityfree.vpnmaster.alistar.proxy.anand
Get Followers Up 2019com.followers.getfollowers.followersinsta
Get Followers Up 2020com.follower.getfollowers.followersinsta
GPS Navigationcom.nakrothtoro.malochgildurgps
Holy Biblecom.omisego.action
How Fast is My Internet – High Internet Speed Testmz.speedtest.internet
Internet Speed Check 2019hp.tonyinc.speedmeter2018
Internet Speed Testhp.leesin.leblanc
Internet Speed Testinternet.speedtest.wifi.analyzer.morganas
Internet Speed Test
Internet Speed Test Freehp.minigone.checkinterneto
Internet speedmeter checkspeedmeter2018.internetanalytics.testwifi
K-Lock gallery picture & videocom.kenpazi.securegallery
Learn Excel 2019usapp.den.dendidotoversion
Learn Play Piano – Pianistcom.qjoker.renlpianotenshen
Lich Van Nien 2017jp.cotts.lichviet
Lịch Vạn Niên 2018 – Lịch Âm 2018lb.alice.lichviet
Lion Antivirus
Loudest Volume Boosterannie.fiddlestick.execution
Love days countercom.mloves.countdays
Male To Female Voice Changercom.sunnyapp.voicechanger
Master Sudoku Offline Free 2018sdkpro.sudoku
Max Cleaner – Booster, Optimizer, Super
Memory Cleaner 2020com.beoszei.mazzer.czeanez.czean
Milab Music Player – All format audio filescom.minplayer.musicmp3ring
Mine Sweep – Free Miner Gameviolet.rammus.quinn
Mp3 cutter – Video Cutter, Easy Ringtone
MP3Cutter & Ringtone Maker 2020com.rekcos.ringtonemaker
New Full Battery Saver – Battery Manager & Cleanercom.drbattery.battery.saver.ram.cleaner
Night Modecom.morgana.nightscreen
Old Phone Ringtonescom.ringtones2018.annie.alarms
Optimiser Pro Cleaner Boostercom.obtimizersupercleaner.antivirus
Phone Boostergoldmast.lovefaster.speedcleaner
Phone Cleaner – Speed Boosternightcopo.cleanspeed.cleanjunk
Phone Cooler – Cooling Mastercom.ritamobile.cooldownphone.cpucooler
Photo Editorcom.beststudian.photocollage
Photo Frame Effects 3Dcom.kenpasx.framephotox
QR Code Scanner – QR Readercom.Mobinet.scan
Quick Ballcom.goldenwd.assistouch
Quick Photo Square – Insta Emoji 2019com.kinvkep.instasquareemojisticker
Recovery all photo deletedcom.vttl.app7.restoreimages
Scream Go – Eighth Note T-Rexcom.dotsgame.eighthnote
Secret Lockcom.goldmast.applock
Security Procom.hilas.forsecuritypro
Simple App Lockcom.zooinc.applock
Smadav antivirus 2017com.smailapps.antivirus
Smadav antivirus for android 2018com.smallapp.antivirus
Smadav pro Total securitycom.smartbapp.antivirus
Sound Metercom.yornstone.mina
Speed Test Internet – Speed Checkhp.plutini.speedico
speedtest net appinter.speed.test
Sudoku 2hp.sudoku
Sudoku Basic For Beginners 2019gemosm.sudoku
Super Antivirus Cleaner
Super Cleaner – Phone Cache Cleaner, RAM
Super Loud Alarm Clockkarthus.warhamme
Super Loud Volume Boostercom.veerajax.volumebooster
Super WiFi Rounter – Who Is On My WiFicom.whenanalyzer.speedtxts.wifireuter.wifibeoster
Super WiFi Rounter – Who Is On My WiFicom.wifibestusas.speedusas.wifibester.wifibestusa
TV Antivirus Free + Applocktoto.prosecurity
Ultra Cleaner 2018com.anti.antianti
Unfollowers & Ghost Followers For Instalux.elixir.unfollow
Virus Cleaner – Antivirus
VPN Unlimited Proxy – Super VPN For Androidfree.vpnmaster.leBlanc.proxy.anand
WiFi Toolboxnet.appstyl.wifi.booster.analyzer
WPS Testercom.veigar.ivernwpswpa
انفالوياب اينستاگرامinstapersan.youch.unfollow

Source: (Visit link for full details)


Make sure you download genuine apps from the original developer and avoid copycats.

The impact may not be obvious, but when fraudsters combine thousands or even millions of downloads, the gains add up.

As mobile devices get smarter and smarter each year, they become easy targets of cyberattacks.

VPN services are there to protect you on the internet and similarly, you need to avoid dubious free VPN services.

At a glance, these are the top VPN services:

Do you have any experience with fraudulent apps? Share with the community below and let your friends know about the post on social media.

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