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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy An iPhone Instead Of An Android Phone

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Last Updated on May 20, 2021 by Calvin C.

Wondering which smartphone you should get next? I will show you 10 reasons why you should buy an iPhone instead of an Android phone. 

These are solid facts that I’m sure Android users find hard to dispel.

Android phone manufacturers are well-known for trying to out-compete each other when it comes to who has the best features for a phone.

Barely a year passes without a manufacturer releasing a borderline-gimmick phone inorder to woo the customers.

It comes to a point where wacky phones are released, for example, the Energizer Power Max P18K.

The battery manufacturer, Energizer, entered the smartphone market and decided to go all in by adding a 6.2 inch screen to a power bank! 

reasons why you should buy an iphone

Only a few brands like Samsung have managed to establish some form of consistency in the manner they release their new phones.

However, when I think about the time Samsung ridiculed Apple over removal of chargers and made a U-turn, it becomes clear who is ahead in the game.

Let’s look at why you should consider switching to an iPhone.

Reasons why you should buy an iPhone

1. App quality is consistently superior

Apple screens apps that are submitted to the App Store, and any inferior apps are rejected.

In the Play Store you find all sorts of apps, from good apps to total junk and some of the apps pose security or privacy risks

2. Apple devices are well-integrated together

Since Apple maintains a closed ecosystem, all its devices integrate perfectly with each other.

It is easier for issues to be addressed as everything you need is made by one manufacturer.

With an Android device sometimes you end up using an accessory by another manufacturer which introduces challenges should bugs occur.

3. No bloatware

An Android phone like Samsung makes copies of core Google apps and this clogs the phone with redundant apps that you never use.

You find a scenario like this all in one phone:

Google appsSamsung apps
Google MessagesSamsung Messages
Google ChromeSamsung Internet
Google AssistantBixby Assistant
Google CalculatorSamsung Calculator
Google FitSamsung Health

The list goes on…

The best you can do is to disable the apps in settings or create a folder and dump all the junk in there.

In the iPhone you find clean apps, each serving its purpose with zero duplication or bloatware.

4. OS support

Apple supports even older models of iPhones unlike Android devices where updates are very slow, limited or non-existent.

If you plan to keep a phone for a long period of time, an iPhone is the best choice.

Once you stop getting updates on a phone, security flaws start to appear and this is not good for you.

5. Better resale value than Android

An iPhone has a better resale value than a similar Android device.

The reliability of iPhones makes it easier to draw customers when you think of parting with your beloved device.

Android phones are usually cheaply built and signs of deterioration easily show.

6. High specs doesn’t mean better user experience

Like I said earlier, Android phones grab the media spotlight with big numbers.

This may range from storage capacity, megapixels, screen size, refresh rates of screen to name a few.

However, this doesn’t always translate to a better user experience as hardware has to interact closely with software.

Apple has mastered this area and everything about an iPhone is smooth.

Apps blend well with the hardware and in most cases, performance is better than high end Android phones.

7. Stable OS

iOS is hands down the most stable OS in smartphones and it never crashes.

Android OS is open source and customizations by manufacturers may result in bugs appearing.

Try one of the Chinese Android smartphones like iTel to understand what I mean.

If you want a hassle free smartphone that never bails on you, go for the iPhone.

8. Ease of use

Everything you need is easily accessible on an iPhone even if you are not a nerd.

If you have stared at an Android screen for ages trying to locate an app, you are not alone.

The touch screen technology used on an iPhone is very smooth and it gets better every year.

9. Best screen

The retina display is still very impressive and along with other excellent features mentioned above, it’s icing on a cake.

You start to appreciate the quality of the screen when you place an iPhone next to an Android device.

10. Best support

If you have problems with an iPhone, there is a huge database on Apple’s website.

With an Android device, in most cases you have to rely on forums or you call your carrier which is not ideal.

Security and privacy

It is a myth that iOS is immune to malware as both Android devices and iPhones are susceptible to malware attacks.

However, you stand a better chance of being shielded from such an attack with an iPhone because of better security updates in iOS.

To achieve maximum security and privacy in both devices, you need to use a VPN when you are online.

You need a VPN that performs equally well on both platforms  and NordVPN is the best choice.

A VPN encrypts your traffic so that no-one intercepts it and cannot tell the sites you visit.

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Next time you want to buy a new phone, remember to consider an iPhone first.

When you are online, make sure you protect you privacy with a VPN because cybercriminals stop at nothing to grab your personal data.

By hiding your IP address, you surf the web anonymously and this makes it difficult for interested parties to track you.

What phone do you use? Leave comments below and share the post with your friends.

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