Easy Steps To Set Up A VPN On Your Mobile Device.

set up a vpn on your mobile device
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What you need before setting up a VPN

This is an ultimate guide to assist you set up a VPN on your mobile device.

There may be slight variations from one VPN to the next but the basics are the same.

Make sure your internet connection is working so that you are able to configure the settings easily. 

In the videos we have used ExpressVPN as an example and if you don’t want to watch the video, a description of the steps comes after each video.

This is a premium VPN with all these standard features:

After you sign up for a plan, you get a username and password for authentication.

If not, read the review here and select a VPN that suits your needs.

A. Android

  • Steps to set up a VPN on your mobile device (Android):
  1. Visit the site of your VPN provider, in this case ExpressVPN website
  2. Make sure you have your username and password ready
  3. Find a drop down menu on the top right side of your screen and open My Account
  4. Enter your username then password and hit Sign in
  5. Scroll down and tap Set up ExpressVPN
  6. Go to Get it on Google Play to download the app on Google Play Store
  7. The install button appears. Select it and wait for the app to be downloaded to your phone
  8. After the download is complete, open it. You will be prompted to sign in
  9. Use the same login details above to sign into the app. Remember, you can avoid the hassle of remembering passwords by using NordPass. It automatically retrieves passwords added to a secure, cloud-based vault.
  10. Once you successfully sign in, you may be asked to allow the VPN to collect analytics. This information is used to improve services and no personal information is collected. You can choose No or No Thanks. You can always change the settings within the app later.
  11. Next is permission to connect to the internet using a VPN. Click OK and remember there is a strict no-log activity by ALL VPN services recommended by VPNAnchor. Grant access of the VPN when a prompt appears.
  12. Voila! Now you are taken to an interface where you make your first connection.
  13. There is a Quick Connect button to connect you to a server with optimal speed. Tap the button to establish a connection. The same button disconnects you from the connection.
  14. If you want to change a location, go to More Options on the same screen
  15. A screen with the best server locations appears based on your own location. This allows you to select a server with the best speed and reliable network.
  16. You can also select All Locations tab to see all the server locations around the world. This lets you select a specific country in case it is not listed under the best server locations.
  17. Go ahead and browse the internet securely once as long as you are connected.

You can start using ExpressVPN for Android right now suing the link below.

Read the review of ExpressVPN to know more about features of the VPN.

You can also read other reviews of top VPN services for comparison, or go with the Editor’s choice.

B. iOS – iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

  • Steps to set up a VPN on your mobile device (iOS):

Ensure that you iOS device is running iOS10 or above as older versions have separate tutorials found on ExpressVPN website.

Here you can also sign up for a new plan if you don’t have an account.

  1. Open the App Store (after you have signed up for a plan)
  2. Search for ExpressVPN and select the app in the results.
  3. Make sure that the developer name appearing under the name is ExpressVPN. This is important because copycat, substandard apps exist.
  4. Download the app by tapping the Get button.
  5. Open the app
  6. Once you have launched the app tap Sign in
  7. Enter the login credentials you received when you signed up. If you don’t have them, select on of the plans to join ExpressVPN. Remember, you don’t have to memorize any password. Instead, let NordPass do the heavy lifting for you.
  8. When you sign in successfully, a message appears reassuring you that ExpressVPN does not log your account activity. Hit Agree and continue.
  9. After that step, tap Continue to allow configuration of the VPN on your device.
  10. Grant any access to allow the VPN to complete configuration. Note that all the VPN services we recommend don’t collect any personal identifying information.
  11. You may be required to enter your Passcode or authenticate with Touch ID. Go ahead and do that.
  12. Next select if you want to receive any notifications or not.
  13. The last message is to choose whether you want ExpressVPN to gather analytics. Remember no personal data is collected and all your activity on the internet is private and confidential. The setting can be changed within the app.
  14. Congratulations! You have successfully completed 90% of the set-up process and now you are ready to make your first connection.
  15. The default connection you see connects you to the optimal location. Tap the Quick Connect button to switch the connection on or off.
  16. If you want to change the location, tap the Location icon and you find a list of recommended servers.
  17. Alternatively, you can view all the available locations by selecting the All tab. Select any location to connect.

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Now you know how to set up a VPN on your mobile device. Once you are connected, you can browse the internet securely and in private.

It is advised that you select servers that are close to your location for a faster network.

As highlighted above, there may be slight differences in the way different VPN services are configured, but if you follow the steps above you should be able to configure any VPN.

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