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iOS 15: Apple Will Ask Before It Targets You With Its Ads

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Last Updated on September 8, 2021 by Calvin C.

In a welcome development to enhance privacy in iOS 15, Apple will ask before it targets you with its ads. This is one of the privacy features that prompted Facebook and Google to give public statements, citing a negative effect on ‘small businesses’.

Apple is serious about safeguarding the privacy of its users and make sure their devices are safe. Consumers are becoming more aware of how companies take advantage of their browsing patterns and other user data to gain marketing mileage.

Some of the features that are part of iOS 15 include:

  • App Tracking Transparency (ATT), a feature that gives you an option to allow your iPhone to be tracked or not. On this dashboard, you can easily see which apps have been give permission to access data on your phone e.g. contacts, camera, mic etc. You an also see who is tracking that data and disable that access if you wish.
  • Marketers won’t be able to track your email. You have to opt in to enable that feature.
  • Private Relay is a feature available to iCloud+ users and prevents iPhone users from being profiled when they browse the internet using Safari. To learn more about Private Relay, go here.
  • Then the big one, which is what this article is about: A choice to opt out of Apple’s own ads on your device.

At the moment, by default, Apple delivers personalized ads to your iPhone, using your purchase history in App Store to deliver relevant ads.

This is used to influence ads you see in App Store, News and Stocks. Apple has taken a lead in transparent advertising and data collection, something that other tech giants like Google and Facebook are not open about.

You can easily access the option in the Settings as follows:

iPhone Settings > Privacy > Apple Advertising > turn off Personalized Ads

Apple Will Ask Before It Targets You With Its Ads

Reasons behind increased privacy in Apple devices

Apple has taken steps to distinguish itself as a company that listens and understands concerns raised by consumers.

For a long time, privacy advocates have called tech companies to be more open about data that they collect.

In addition, after backtracking on the launch of a controversial feature to scan photos for CSAM, Apple has realized how serious consumers are in safeguarding their privacy.

An open letter was even written to Tim Cook, so that Apple takes into consideration the risks involved in implementing the controversial feature.

Another reason why Apple is increasing the privacy of its devices is to try and address antitrust lawsuits that have been haunting the company.

Back in March 2021, a French complaint alleged that Apple’s own advertising network is not bound by the same standard that require developers to get explicit consent before sharing user data with third party networks.

This allows Apple to show targeted ads by default, but all that changes after iOS 15 update, as you can disable that feature.


iOS 15 is definitely a game-changer because you get to know who has access to your data on your phone.

It is a giant leap in the right direction as far as privacy of user data is concerned. Other players like Google and Facebook are feeling the heat and most likely they will align to this development and follow suit.

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