CyberGhost Introduces Anonymous Dedicated IP (Video)

cyberghost introduces anonymous dedicated ip
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Introducing Cyberghost dedicated IP system

CyberGhost is pushing boundaries in the VPN industry and this time has set a new standard. 2020 marks the year when CyberGhost introduced anonymous dedicated IP addresses for its users. To understand what that is all about, watch a video below:

The key features to understand about anonymous dedicated IP

  • You get a dedicated IP address
  • A random token system is used to assign the dedicated IP
  • Hence the VPN provider has no idea what IP address has been assigned to you
  • This cuts any ties between you and the VPN provider
  • In other words, you have even more privacy!

Other VPN providers that do not have anonymous IP address system have security flaws because the VPN provider knows your static IP address. CyberGhost has solved that with an anonymous dedicated IP system.

Get started with your Dedicated IP

You can easily set it up by following instructions in this video. Visit CyberGhost to get started with this revolutionary feature.


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