Is there A Free Internet Hack By Using A VPN? Exposed!

free internet hack by using a vpn
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Introduction to free internet

I am a member of several WhatsApp business groups. In one group, a member posted an Ad indicating that he has a free internet hack by using a VPN.

As an ethical VPN reviewer, I have written a detailed article on the benefits of a VPN.

However, ‘free internet’ is not among the benefits, so I became interested in the Ad.

There were even positive testimonies of individuals who had used the advertised VPN to access the internet for free.

In addition, the advertiser cashed in to ‘configure settings’, as he put it. I decided to carry out a detailed research and show you what really happens and what to look out for.

Confusing, technical jargon is simplified so that you understand the concepts clearly.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. I am not encouraging you to defraud your ISP. Remember, someone has to pay for the internet service.

free internet hack by using a VPN

How do you access the internet with no VPN?

Firstly, we need to understand how you access the internet, taking into account the interaction between you, the ISP and the internet.

There are 2 networks that are involved in the process:

  • An intranet – between you and the ISP
  • The internet – gives you access to the wide web

There is a firewall that prevents you from accessing the internet and normally, only your ISP grants you access through that firewall.

When you sign up for an internet connection, your ISP usually gives you hardware that is configured to access the ISP servers.

This can be in the form of:

  • Sim card of a mobile network
  • Wifi dongle e.g. Zol Wibroniks
  • Any other hardware to send or receive internet data

This allows your ISP to monitor your internet connection and a unique IP address is assigned to you. It’s also easy to process any connection fees you incur.

If you don’t have any data in your account, you notice that when you try to connect to the internet, you are directed to your ISP’s page.

Here, you either buy a top-up or you enter login credentials so that you go past the firewall and reconnect to the internet.

In some cases, the URL you request simply does not load, which prompts you to top up your account.

Either way, with no data your connection is restricted to the intranet with your ISP.

Note this: ALL your internet traffic passes through your ISP, encrypted or not. You are tied to your ISP by the hardware or login credentials you use.

What happens when you introduce a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used mainly for:

  • Encrypting your traffic when you surf the internet, hence you are secure and anonymous on the web
  • Changing your IP address, hence you can change your geo-location

In both the above scenarios, ALL the traffic passes through your ISP. However, this traffic is encrypted so your ISP cannot see which sites you visit and what you are up to on the web.

  • Got no time? Our VPN of choice is NordVPN. It has all the essential features and is affordable.

Contrary to what some may say, your ISP can still see that you are connected to the internet since you are using their hardware.

Even if you spoof your location by changing your IP address, the ‘umbilical cord’ for sending and receiving internet data passes through the ISP.

Legally, if you want to connect to the internet you have to pay for data so that your ISP enables the internet connection.

The firewall is built to prevent unauthorized access to the internet. Therefore any free internet hack by using a VPN does not work.

Back to the Ad. Free internet?

When you come across a ‘VPN’ that bypasses an ISP firewall to access the internet for free, it is usually a proxy. This takes advantage of security flaws in the ISP firewall.

In other words it’s possible to ‘hack’ the firewall but this comes with consequences. There are systems that are responsive to such unauthorized internet access.

Remember, the ISP sees that you are connected to the internet and soon your connection is terminated. Depending on the network, you risk the following:

  • Get banned from the network
  • The connection is terminated
  • The ISP can sue you
  • ISP confiscates their hardware
  • You accrue connection fees in your account

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s best to stay on the good side of the law and I am not a fan of shady, free proxies.

Some of them even gather your internet data without your consent. Read more about the subject in another section on VPNAnchor.


There is ‘no free lunch’ because someone has to pay for the internet service to be operational. That cost is usually passed to the end user.

If you have devoted time to search for ways to surf the internet for free, you are basically looking for ways to hack your ISP and get free internet.

There is no legal, free internet hack by using a VPN out there because ‘stealing’ is part of the equation.

However, if you want to browse the internet privately and anonymously, you need a top VPN.

Here at VPNAnchor, we review only the best VPNs.

Don’t put your account at risk by illegally connecting to the internet.

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