Tik Tok Has Not Been Banned In US – Shocking Details

tik tok has not been banned

Last Updated on November 2, 2020 by Staff Writer

Hours before the decision by Trump administration to kick Tik Tok out of app stores in the US, it seems Tik Tok has received a lifeline. A ruling has been made to block the ban as it was noted to be unconstitutional and a violation of due process. Therefore Tik Tok has not been banned in the US.

Users can continue to download and use the app. If you want to get started with Tik Tok read this article. According to reports on CNN, this move by Trump is an attempt to prevent open, free communication. John Hall, representing Tik Tok, referred to the ban as:


” An extraordinary action at the very time when the need for free, open and accessible communication in America is at its zenith”

However, the Government says Tik Tok poses a risk to national security because there is a possibility that user data may end up in the hands of the Chinese. Tik Tok has denied the allegation, highlighting that all data stays on US shores, with a backup in Singapore.

Tik Tok gave a statement after the ruling:

“We will continue defending our rights for the benefit of our community and employees”

More to come…

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If you want to use Tik Tok with a VPN make sure you read all about it here. Leave comments and share your thoughts.

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