tik tok stars get judge to block ban

Tik Tok Stars Got Judge To Block Ban In The USA

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Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Calvin C.

Background of Tik Tok ban

In a shocking development, Trump administration suffered yet another defeat as Tik Tok stars got judge to block ban in USA.

This ban was supposed to come into effect on the 12th of November 2020. Tik Tok has been hogging the headlines and previously we saw it being given a lifeline by another judge.

The details

According to the injunction issued on Friday 30 October, any restrictions imposed on Tik Tok were reversed.

A group of Tik Tok creators cited in the application why banning Tik Tok is not in the best interest of millions of followers.

Each of the Tik Tok stars has more than a million followers and banning Tik Tok means their followers lose access to the creator’s content.

In addition, the creators also lose their source of income as sponsorship is cut off after the ban.

The creators, who were the plaintiffs, are:

  • Douglas Marland with 2.7 million followers
  • Cosette Rinab with 2.3 million followers
  • Alec Chambers with 1.8 million followers

Tik Tok took a back seat in this development and the creators mobilized themselves to save their careers.

The case was filed in Pennsylvania under Case 2:20-cv-04597-WB and heard before a federal judge.

Trump had argued that the parent company, Chinese-owned Bytedance, is a security threat to USA as it uses the platform to gather personal data of users.

However, Tik Tok argued that all the USA data stays in the country and a backup is in Singapore.

Despite winning the case previously, Trump administration was determined to crack the final whip on the 12th, cutting off Tik Tok from any hosting companies in the country.

The judge in this latest case highlighted that the hypothetical risk is far outweighed by public interest and the government wasn’t able to clearly unpack the threat.

With this successful judgement in favour of Tik Tok creators, the outlook looks bright for Tik Tok creators in the USA.

tik tok stars got judge to block ban

How can you fight Tik Tok restrictions?

Despite these setbacks and threats to existence of Tik Tok in USA, you can still continue to enjoy content on the platform.

If you happen to travel or live in a country where Tik Tok is restricted, you can unblock Tik Tok using a VPN.

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What a VPN does is to create a VPN tunnel and encrypted data is exchanged between the VPN server, that retrieves the Tik Tok platform, and your device.

This allows you to bypass any firewalls that restrict access to Tik Tok.

You also need to use a password manager so that there is no risk of your login credentials are strong and cannot be easily cracked by hackers.

The events that transpired raise eyebrows as to what the government is capable of doing.

Most likely, there is going to be increased surveillance of the platform and this means you need to take extra measures to secure your connection.

A VPN keeps your traffic encrypted and makes it difficult for people to know what you are up online.

It’s always good to add an extra layer of security than leave everything to chance.

That’s why you put a fence around your house, install a house alarm or even keep a guard dog.

This scares off the majority of burglars and the same applies to cyber-security.


I hope this case is finally put to rest and Tik Tok stars continue to capitalize on professional opportunities that come with Tik Tok content creation.

You can stat using NordVPN today and remember, there are free plans as well. You also get money-back guarantee and free-trials for the paid plans.

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