vpn can save you big money this holiday season

How A VPN Can Save You Big Money In 5 Ways

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Online shopping is now common and the global pandemic resulted in more businesses shifting their focus to online solutions so that their operations are sustained. Prices of online products and services tend to vary from region to region and in this article, I will show you how a VPN can save you big money when you shop online.

As a result, you get the best deals available every time.

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Why a VPN is useful for online shopping

There are risks associated with online shopping since you use the internet to make purchases, but there are also opportunities.

A VPN can address any security fears and also allows you to save loads of money.

You get to do your online shopping privately and that means no-one, not even your ISP, knows what you are buying.

In addition, you can access goods and services that are not available in your region.

Consequently, this gives you freedom on the internet as there are no geographical barriers that limit what you can buy online.

how a vpn can save you big money during holiday season

1. Watching Netflix

Video-on-demand streaming services like Netflix are not available in all countries.

If available, you find that some of the content is geo-blocked.

A VPN helps you unblock Netflix content that is not normally available in your region and you can even pay a lower subscription.

Make sure you select a VPN that unblocks Netflix without any problems because some VPNs out there don’t do a good job.

2. Hiding your login data

Remember that when you are shopping online you have to sign into the online store to make a purchase.

The danger is that if you don’t take precautions, hackers can get your credentials and empty your bank account.

A VPN encrypts all your traffic and no-one can see your online activity, hence you shop safely.

Another additional service you can get for free is a password manager like NordPass.

This tool keeps all your login credentials safe and secure.

In addition, it automatically generates super-strong passwords that are safely kept in a cloud-based vault.

3. Beat price discrimination

Online sellers engage in price discrimination to cash in where buyers are plenty and attract new customers where there are few buyers.

This means prices are higher when there is high demand and lower where there are fewer customers.

A VPN knows no boundaries and you can easily compare prices in different regions.

  • Take for example, sneakers can cost US$140 when you access an online store using a US IP address, but the same sneakers in the same online store cost $120 when a Canadian IP address is used. If you are in the US, you install the best VPN, then set your location to Canada so that you buy them for $120 and use the change to buy something else. That’s how cool a VPN is.

Here’s how this is possible…

Without a VPN, the online store can identify your actual location because of your IP address.

However, if you use a VPN, that IP address is changed to display a new location that you select e.g Canada.

In that case, the online store can only identify an IP address of the VPN server and you appear to be shopping from a new location.

You then get a price for consumers coming from that region.

4. Unblock menus

Next time you go online and visit an online store, don’t think you and someone on the other side of the globe are looking at the same menu.

Sellers may run promotions in specific regions and this is only visible to consumers in those regions.

They may also hide some items from visitors in other countries. We can’t blame them and they have their valid reasons.

Here’s what a VPN does…

A VPN acts as a master key that unlocks a new shopping experience. You get full access to all that the shop has to offer in any region at discounted prices for some items.

5. Security

This benefit has to be the primary reason for using a VPN. There are professional hackers who cause distress to victims online.

If you are not careful, even your identity can be stolen and this happens more often than you imagine.

Fortunately, with a VPN you are well-protected in a highly secure VPN tunnel.

Hackers are kept in the dark once you start using a VPN and more details are discussed in another article.


I am sure now you know how a VPN can save you big money directly or indirectly. Get more bang for your buck when you shop online.

You don’t need to scratch your head wondering what VPN you can use because that research has already been done for you.

Here, only the best, trusted VPNs are reviewed so that our reputation is maintained.

You can select a VPN by device/operating system or you can see the whole list of top VPNs, including their rated reviews.

If you are short of time, we recommend that you use the overall best VPN and that is NordVPN.

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