why is droidvpn popular in zimbabwe

Why Is DroidVPN Popular In Zimbabwe? The Facts

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Background of DroidVPN

I know this site focuses mainly on top VPN services and DroidVPN is not one of them. However, this small VPN is actively sought after in my country as highlighted in Google Trends. Why is DroidVPN popular in Zimbabwe? 

In this article, we look at the complete DroidVPN review and its main use in Zimbabwe, a small land-locked country in Southern Africa.

This VPN was founded in 2011, targeting Android devices but is also now compatible with iOS, Mac and Windows devices.

It is not clear who owns the VPN but the headquarters are in the Philippines.

  • The best VPN we recommend for guaranteed privacy and security is NordVPN.

How much does DroidVPN cost?

There are 2 main plans to choose from when you want a DroidVPN account, a free plan and a paid plan.

A free plan is popular but bandwidth is limited to 300MB per day. 

This free plan is popular in Zimbabwe, given the harsh economic conditions in the country.

However, the data cap is lower than for top VPNs that offer a free plan, e.g.

This means something else, besides free data, attracts users to this simple VPN service as we will find out later.

With a paid DroidVPN plan you get unlimited data and you choose whether you want to pay:

why is droidvpn popular in zimbabwe

You pay with Paypal, Bitcoin or PerfectMoney.

How many servers does DroidVPN have?

The distribution of servers is small, with availability of servers only in 8 countries and there are about 25+ servers in total.

You can’t expect high network speeds like in ExpressVPN or NordVPN and definitely it’s not the best VPN for streaming.

DroidVPN is for basic browsing and other activities that do not require a lot of bandwidth.

The servers are easily congested during peak hours and the nearest optimum server is likely to be far.

There are no servers in Africa so if you are in Zimbabwe you connect to Europe or USA.

Does DroidVPN keep logs?

No data that ties back to you is stored on DroidVPN servers. The only logs that are kept are for technical purposes and that excludes your browsing history.

why is droidvpn popular in zimbabwe

Are there any DNS leaks?

DroidVPN successfully blocks any DNS leaks and handles all DNS queries. This means your ISP cannot see the sites you visit and all the traffic is kept in the VPN tunnel.

This is not a surprise as even proxies like OperaVPN have also shown zero DNS leaks.

How reliable is the DroidVPN kill switch?

  • Bad news! If you are using DroidVPN and the VPN drops, you are left exposed because there is no kill switch.

All the data becomes accessible to any interested party.

A kill switch cuts off the internet connection as soon as there is compromise of the VPN tunnel, to protect your encrypted traffic from bad guys.

Therefore, I don’t advise you to use DroidVPN when dealing with sensitive personal data. It’s not worth the risk!

Devices supported

DroidVPN is mainly developed for Android devices but there are apps that have also been introduced for iOS, Windows and MacOS.

As highlighted above, this VPN is not the best when you want to stream online videos and you cannot unblock Netflix. 

Why is DroidVPN popular in Zimbabwe?

Data for surfing the internet is expensive in Zimbabwe and people have found blackhat ways to go online at little or no cost.

  • Disclaimer: I am not an advocate of accessing the web illegally. If you are required by law to pay for a service you need to do that. This post is for educational purposes only and if you break the law you risk being charged.

One of the ways is by the use of DroidVPN to bypass firewalls, particularly for Netone mobile network. Settings are also available for Econet and Telecel networks.

There have been reports of Netone blocking lines of people who hack their system to access the internet.

These settings do not work all the time and one has to constantly check DroidVPN’s website to see if they have cracked it.

It’s a non-stop battle for mobile operators because they have to constantly plug any holes that are capitalized by DroidVPN.

Free internet means no revenue for them.

Here are some of the settings I came across:

DroidVPN Netone Settings


  • An active Netone sim card with no data balance and zero call credit
  • Android, iOS,PC or MacOS device
  • DroidVPN installed


  1. Download DroidVPN
  2. Install the app
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Locate TCP and HTTP
  5. Enter these details:
  • Remote port: 110
  • Local TCP port: 5432
  • Send HTTP Headers on TCP: Tick
  • Set HTTP Headers: Tick
  1. Ensure that it’s on Editor and generator, then configure as indicated below:
    • Host: netone.co.zw
    • Request method: Connect
    • Injection method: Normal
    • Online-Host: Tick
    • Keep Alive: Tick
    • User Agent: Tick
  2. Click on Generate, Validate and then Save
  3. Return and enjoy free internet access

If you succeed then you browse the internet freely. Eventually, the connection is blocked but you have to be aware of the risks involved in such practices.


Now you know why DroidVPN is popular in Zimbabwe. It mainly targets those who want to access the internet for free by taking advantage of flaws in the network systems of the mobile operators.

As with other free VPN services, Ads are displayed when you use a free DroidVPN plan so that the provider can earn revenue.

In addition, the website is substandard for a company that runs a VPN service and that casts a lot of doubt on the reliability of its services.

It looks like content on the site was written as an after-thought so it’s not a VPN I would recommend for regular usage.

  • For guaranteed security and privacy, use NordVPN, the overall best VPN.

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