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Verdict: Our Rating 4.6/5
Very reliable VPN with excellent connectivity and fast servers. Unblock streaming services like Netflix. Torrenting support also available. No DNS leaks and a strict no-logs policy.

PrivateVPN is owned by Privat Kommunikation Sverige AB, located in Sweden. There is a solid privacy law in that country and that makes it an ideal place to set up an HQ for VPN services. In this article, we look at a complete PrivateVPN review.

This VPN was founded in 2009 and with more than 10 years experience, the company knows the dynamics involved in the cybersecurity field.

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How much does PrivateVPN cost?

PrivateVPN comes with 3 plans and all of them have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Their most popular plan is the annual plan where you get another free year!

You pay $2.50/month and that saves you 77% .

This is a better deal than ExpressVPN, which is more expensive, although PrivateVPN is relatively slower.

How many servers does PrivateVPN have?

There are 150 servers located in 60 countries. A server is also available in Johannesburg, South Africa, and that means nearby countries like Zimbabwe can benefit from a fast connection.

The number of servers is way below that of ther top VPNs like:

  • NordVPN 5100+ servers
  • ExpressVPN 3000+ servers
  • Surfshark VPN 1700+ servers

The more the servers, the better the network and you get more IP addresses to choose from.

Although the number of servers seems lower than other VPNs, you are still able to unblock Netflix and other video-on demand streaming services seamlessly.

Does PrivateVPN encrypt data?

There is AES 256-bit encryption to make sure you traffic is not accessible to hackers and governments. This allows you to browse the internet in peace and is more secure than 128-bit encryption.

complete privatevpn review

PrivateVPN supports OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, IKEv2, IPSec. WireGuard is not available at the moment and it’s no surprise because the protocol is still in its infancy.

Other top VPNs like ExpressVPN have not yet adopted WireGuard as well but are supporting its development.

Does PrivateVPN have DNS leaks?

There is definitely no DNS leak in all of the VPN connections. PrivateVPN uses its own VPN servers to handle all DNS queries.

This means there is no possibility that your ISP views your traffic. A lot of sub-standard VPN services leak DNS and give you a false sense of privacy.

When you are dealing with sensitive data, every aspect of a VPN has to be secure and this is what PrivateVPN guarantees.

Is there a kill switch?

Sometimes a VPN connection may be disrupted and if that occurs, there is a risk that data may be transmitted while a VPN tunnel is down.

A kill switch is responsible for terminating data transmission when there is anything that affects the integrity of the VPN tunnel.

PrivateVPN has a reliable kill switch to ensure that your traffic remains private and is never transmitted outside the VPN tunnel.

This is something you have to inquire from any VPN provider because your security and privacy is of utmost importance.

Does PrivateVPN keep logs?

There are strict privacy laws in Sweden where PrivateVPN has its HQ. One of the ways that this company protects your data is by not keeping logs on their servers.

Nothing that ties back to you is saved anywhere and this means if servers are raided you are always safe.

I am yet to come across an independent audit report to solidify the claims made by PrivateVPN.

It’s important for VPN providers to be audited so that users feel more secure. Other top VPNs like NordVPN and Surfshark have been audited and results were positive.

How good is the customer support?

Customer support is excellent and I always applaud service providers who have support for live chat.

This allows you to get assistance as soon as possible and the representatives “are not always away”

Another ways to contact PrivateVPN is via email using a contact form.

There is also a knowledgebase that you can use to get answers to FAQs.

How many devices are supported?

You can use up to 6 devices simultaneously and on one account. This means all the devices in a small family can be secured successfully.

PrivateVPN supports all major platforms and these are:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Router

There is no app for Linux on the site and you have to rely on a workaround to use PrvateVPN on Linux.

Other devices like SmartTV, Consoles etc can be secured if you connect to the VPN via a router.


PrivateVPN is definitely a service to consider if you want a reliable VPN tunnel.

The server distribution is excellent and customer support is reliable. This makes it a top VPN as you have seen in this complete PrivateVPN review.

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  • Antimalware
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