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How To Rank Your Site On Google Easily In 2021

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Why you need to rank your site

You have done the work and your website looks brilliant but for some reason it is not getting the visibility you crave for. If you face that challenge this article is for you because here I look at how to rank your site on Google.

It’s not complicated and the resource I will share with you has been well-put together such that you find everything you need in one place.

Building an awesome website is a great motivator for success because you see your ideas coming together.

However, it’s only half the work if your goal is to rank your site on Google and get high-quality visitors consistently.

Do this the wrong way and you risk pushing post after post without a corresponding positive response from your target audience.

Fortunately, there are tools that allow you to systematically evaluate the current state of your site, plug any gaps and set your site in the right trajectory.

  • These are the benefits of increasing the visibility of your site:
  • More people are able to find your products and services
  • Higher chances of getting targeted traffic that is more likely to convert
  • More brand awareness for your business
  • Clients have more trust in your business
  • Ranking is long-term, unlike a paid campaign which is limited by the budget

The list is not exhaustive, but you can see why is super-important to get your site in front of the right eyeballs.

Before we get into details, here’s how Arkadium managed to get 850% increase in organic traffic

Semrush can turn your website around and it's the go-to resource if you want to achieve guaranteed results.

Increase site visbility with Semrush

This is a company based in Boston, USA and helps websites rank higher in search engines by providing various analytical tools.

Semrush has been in the trenches for more than 10 years.

The company has mastered the art of breathing new life in websites and providing a further boost to sites that are already ranking.

They provide the following services that you need to reach this goal:

  • Website SEO audit
  • Tracking SERP position
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword research
  • And more...

Tools that help you rank your site on Google

As I highlighted above, you need the following tools to get an objective evaluation of your site.

All these tools can be found under one roof when you sign up for free and create your Semrush account.

Traffic Sources

It's important to know where your visitors are coming from.

That way if you are running campaigns you know where particular products or services get the most attention.

Popular Content

Another helpful insight you need is to know which content on your site is attracting the most traffic.

If you have this information you can continue to write content along the same subject and get even more traffic.

It's no use to pump out content blindly without knowing whether readers are interested in what you are sharing or not.

Posts with more engagement have a low bounce rate and they show up at the top in the audit.

Unpopular posts can be dead weight that can negatively impact your SEO and you have to rewrite or remove these posts completely.

You only get this if you run a site audit and Semrush is a perfect resource for giving that valuable information.

Search Performance

How does your website perform in the search results? You need to know where you are right now in-order to track your progress.

SEMrush has a rank tracking section where you can measure your daily Google ranking easily.

You can monitor the ranking of domain, subdomain, subfolder or URL of keywords that you track.

Monitor the performance of your competition to make it even easier to see where you stand.

Backlink Profile

Quality backlinks help your site build authority and the higher the authority, the higher it ranks in search engines.

Fortunately, you get a full backlink profile of your site, whether dofollow or nofollow links.

Monitoring your backlink profile helps you identify and remove toxic backlinks that may harm your SEO.

You also monitor backlinks of your competition and this intel helps you make the right decisions.

Note that with Google's Penguin update, sites with spammy backlinks are penalized and you don't want to be found on the wrong side.

Advertising Performance

You can track the performance of your campaigns in one place.

Semrush allows you to quickly identify any keyword gaps so that you remain competitive.

There is a tool that allows you to research new keywords so that you easily rank for low-competition keywords.

According to Semrush, there is database with more than 20 billion keywords that you can tap into once you create an account.

SEO Check

It is important that your site conforms to the basic SEO rules for it to rank higher.

It's no secret that a site with good SEO is easily ranked by Google and user-friendly.

Google is now emphasizing quality over quantity and your site has to be easy to crawl for it to gain traction.

Semrush gives you an overview of your site.

  • At a glance, you can view metrics like:
  • Number of pages crawled
  • Site health
  • Page errors
  • Warnings
  • Crawlability
  • Site perfomance
  • Internal linking

Armed with this valuable information, you easily know what needs to be done to improve your SEO.

What you need to do

The features I have outlined above are only the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other tools to give you all the information you need for success.

Semrush makes it easy for you to direct resources where they matter most.

If you are serious about generating more leads for your business, this resource separates you from any competition that has no in-depth insight into their website.


Take your business to the next level by using Semrush.

You will definitely start noticing results because a comprehensive site audit gives you a starting point.

The monitoring tools allow you to track your progress while providing valuable information of your competition.

A free trial is available in all plans and you get excellent support should you have any queries.

Leave comments below and let me know about other ways to rank your site.

Don't forget to use a good host for your site so that your site speed is not compromised, which affects your site ranking.

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