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NordPass Password Manager

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Are you tired of forgetting passwords and pulling your hair every time you hit the ‘reset password’ option? You are not alone! Fortunately, no more password stress because Nordpass unveiled a cloud-based manager to take care of the login process.

As more and more personal business is now done online, you have to remember a lot of passwords and other login credentials.

The unsafe way is to write these details on a piece of paper because if you lose it, things fall apart.

nomore password stress

What is NordPass password manager?

NordPass is a brain-child of NordVPN, a VPN giant that takes the business of cyber-security seriously.

Their strength is by providing fully-featured services at an affordable cost, with completely free trials. 

Normal psychology around passwords

Human beings are creatures that are wired to avoid discomfort and one of the ways to do that is by using passwords easy to remember.

In other words, passwords that cause the least mental strain. That is why hackers easily gain access to people’s accounts using clues like:

  • Birthdays
  • Spouse’s name or children’s name
  • ID numbers
  • Car registration numbers and so on

These passwords are never safe and if you want no more password stress then keep reading.

One rule of thumb is that if a password is easy for you to remember, chances are it is not safe.

Highly secure passwords can easily be generated by NordPass and kept locked away. Only you have access to those passwords from any device that you log in with.

Password generator

The challenge with passwords is that they now have to be more secure than before. Remember that hackers use computer software to guess the correct password.

You can easily see how easy it was to crack the commonest passwords in 2020 as published by NordPass.

Therefore, if you have a short, simple password it makes life easy for hackers. Nordpass makes sure a long, complex password is generated and the beauty of it is that you don’t even have to remember it.

Once you want to log into your account, Nordpass takes care of any login forms so that you are more productive online. 


Another important point is that NordPass works across multiple operating systems. This means you can use it with Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows devices.

This list is not exhaustive because it also works for other gadgets like consoles and smartTVs. One account supports up to 6 devices and that is adequate for most users. 

This should guarantee no more password stress across all your devices.

Password fatigue

This stressful phenomenon occurs if you are burdened with too many passwords as highlighted in Wikipedia.

NordPass allows you to free your mind and stores these credentials in a highly secure vault.

Password fatigue can take its toll on your mental health especially nowadays when you encounter one of the following:

  • Prompted to create a new password after a certain period has expired
  • When the system remembers your last “x” number of passwords and you are required to create a completely fresh one
  • You get locked out of your account for a certain period if you get the password wrong
  • You are required to create a complex password with special characters, capital letters, numbers etc. In other words, a password that is hard for you to remember!
  • Entering your password several times a day

The list goes on, but I am sure you get the picture. After a while and when passwords stack up, you get overwhelmed.

Resetting your password makes it even more stressful especially if the system remembers the last passwords.

Security features of NordPass

Your password is encrypted using XChaCha20, a highly secure military-grade algorithm. It uses 256-bit encryption so it is super-difficult for even the most powerful computer on Earth to decrypt the data.

This guarantees that you have no more password stress and hackers cannot lay their hands on your credentials. 

Remember, cyberattacks continue daily and hackers burn midnight oil to try and outsmart the system.

Therefore, it is very important to stay 2 steps ahead by taking advantage of newer technologies like NordPass in safeguarding your data. 

Cost of using NordPass

The team at NordVPN did a great job in bringing down the cost of NordPass so that it reaches more users.

Users in all the plans have access to the basic core features of NordPass and these are:

Free Plan: $0/month

  • Saving unlimited passwords
  • Keeping notes and credit card details
  • Ability to sync these details across any compatible device

Premium Plan: $2.49/month

If you want to get the ultimate NordPass experience and never worry about passwords on any device, I suggest you get NordPass Premium. You get these features:

  • Saving unlimited passwords
  • Keeping notes and credit card details
  • Ability to sync these details across any compatible device
  • Supports up to 6 devices on one account simultaneously
  • Secure item sharing
  • You can save trusted contacts
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Should you use NordPass?

A password manager is now a must if you have online accounts.

Security breaches have cost individuals and companies a lot of money and I can tell that you are here because you want no more password stress.

You can sign up for the free plan above and when you are ready you migrate to the premium plan.

It is time to get rid of unsafe practices when creating passwords because one day you wake up to find your account empty. 


The need for better security cannot be overemphasized because with more activity online, more mistakes are bound to happen.

NordPass has a FREE plan so there is no excuse for not using the most secure password manager at the moment. 

I am also a user of NordPass and never encountered any challenges highlighted above. No more forgetting passwords, no more password stress.

You can start a 7 free-trial today and should you sign up for the premium plan, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Most people that I have referred are very happy so far with the service. I leave you with 3 messages:

  1. Stop memorizing passwords in your head
  2. Start using NordPass password manager
  3. Continue supporting VPNAnchor, like us on Facebook and Twitter

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