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NordLocker Encryption Tool Review – 100% File Security

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Online personal security is becoming more crucial than ever especially in the face of rising cyberattacks. Fortunately, there are solutions available and in this article, we look at NordLocker encryption tool review and how you can use the tool to enhance file security.

Background of NordLocker encryption tool

If you have been following articles on this site, I am sure you know that we rate NordVPN as the overall best premium VPN because of its superior security features. The company that brings you NordVPN, Nord Security, is also behind NordLocker and NordPass (read about NordPass here). 

NordLocker is a file encryption software that is available for Windows and MacOS operating systems.

This tool was launched back in 2019 by Nord Security, a company based in Panama.

Panama has no internet restrictions or surveillance, which is perfect for any privacy or security-inclined business like Nord Security.

The government does not put pressure on companies to spy on internet activities of subscribers.

Even if servers are hacked, no-one is able to read encrypted files in the lockers (more about that later).

Initially it was launched as a local file sharing tool but later expanded to be cloud-based, with the ability to integrate with third-party services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

NordLocker offers by no doubt the best secure storage services because there are numerous security features.

It is so secure that in April 2020, a hacking contest (NordLocker Bounty Campaign) was set up to demonstrate how secure it is and it’s still running to date.

A prize money of US$10,000.00 is on offer to anyone who manages to reveal a message that is encrypted in a file downloaded from the company’s site.

Up to now, no-one has managed to decrypt the file and this gives NordLocker bragging rights as the best file encryption software.

nordlocker encryption tool review

Pricing of NordLocker

You can start using NordLocker at zero cost. Yes, you can encrypt your first 3 GB of files for free!

If you need to backup your files in the cloud and more storage capacity of up to 500 GB amongst other features, you pay $3.99/month, which is reasonable.

It’s cheaper to get the annual plan because the month-to-month subscription is $7.99/month as opposed to $3.99/month ($47.88/year)

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Features of NordLocker

In summary, features of NordLocker are as follows:

  • Available for Windows OS and MacOS. There is no app for iOS, Android or Linux yet.
  • Unlimited uploads and downloads
  • Has end-to-end encryption with AES-256, Argon2 and ECC
  • Encryption takes place on your computer and only YOU have the master password. Not even the team at NordLocker is able to decrypt your files.
  • 3 GB storage for free plan and 500 GB storage for premium plan.
  • Synchronizes across all your computer devices

NordLocker is user-friendly and has a lot of features that easily surpass many of its competitors.

It comes primarily as a cloud storage platform, but there is also an option for local storage of encrypted files.

This means if your computer is hacked and files are encrypted, a hacker won’t be able to steal your data.

If you have a small business or you want your personal files to be secured, NordLocker is definitely a tool you need to use.

To extend the accessibility of your files, using cloud storage is ideal because you can access encrypted files from any computer over the internet with NordLocker.

Your encrypted data is stored in folders called lockers and these can reside locally on your computer or in NordLocker Cloud.

NordLocker helps businesses comply with GDPR and HIPAA requirements.

End-to-end encryption of files is made possible and this is important in fields where confidentiality is important like healthcare, legal, education or financial sectors.

NordLocker local storage

Here you create a local locker on your PC and any file that is stored in the locker is encrypted.

The only way to view the file is by using NordLocker.

Hackers can see the encrypted files but cannot read them or even know their names.

One benefit of NordLocker is that it can be synced with third-party cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

You can access the file on any computer that has NordLocker installed at no extra charge.

In summary, with NordLocker you select one of these options:

  • Keep encrypted files on your computer
  • Sync encrypted filed with third-party cloud storage services
  • Sync encrypted files with NordLocker cloud storage (recommended)

This flexibility gives NordLocker an edge over its competitors in securing your files.

NordLocker cloud storage (Recommended)

This feature is available in the free plan and the paid plan.

Lockers that you create are stored in the cloud and automatically sync across all computers that have NordLocker.

Since NordLocker works in both Windows and MacOS, you can switch to another OS and still access your files.

For maximum security, you should copy files into NordLocker cloud storage and delete unencrypted files on your computer.

That way, you only access your data securely without worrying about hackers getting their hands on unencrypted data.

There is an option to view your files in the cloud without downloading them to your computer for added security.

In addition, you save your storage space on your computer, although you need an internet connection every time you want to view the files.

At the end of the day, the way you want to use NordLocker depends on personal preferences.

NordLocker customer support

Customer support at Nord Security is excellent and this extends to other products like NordVPN and NordPass.

With a free plan, you get fast email support and if you switch to a paid plan, you get 24/7 on-demand customer support.

The support team is friendly and competent.

Extra security

You can achieve military-grade security if you bundle NordLocker with a VPN and a password generator.

A VPN encrypts all your traffic so that no-one can see the sites you visit or what you are up to online.

NordVPN gives you anonymity and security, thus hackers are kept in the dark.

On the other hand, NordPass can automatically generate a strong master password for your lockers.

The good thing is that you can try all these products risk-free.


NordLocker is definitely a tool I recommend to protect your data.

Add an extra layer of security by encrypting your sensitive files so that they don’t end up in the wrong hands.

What do you think about NordLocker? Leave comments below and share the article with your friends.

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