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Review Of PureVPN In 2021

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Last Updated on August 10, 2021 by Calvin C.

Verdict: Our Rating 4.0/5

A top VPN with a widespread server coverage around the world. Suitable for torrenting and even unblocking Netflix. Highly secure with with military-grade encryption. Connection speed is an issue and there are better alternatives.

PureVPN is a top VPN that was founded in November 2006 by GZ Systems Ltd and is headquartered in Hong Kong. To understand more about this VPN provider, let’s look at a detailed review of PureVPN.

How many servers does PureVPN have?

According to their website, there are 6500+ servers in 180+ locations distributed in 140+ countries.

The majority of the servers are concentrated in Europe, with the U.S. coming second.

On paper, this widespread distribution of servers means connection speeds are fast and the network is reliable.

However, a lot of complaints have been raised concerning relatively poor speed, especially for a VPN that should be giving providers like NordVPN a run for their money.

Fortunately, PureVPN servers are optimized for streaming, torrenting and you can unblock video-on-demand services like Netflix easily.

Unlike NordVPN servers which are bare-metal servers, some of PureVPN servers are virtual, which is a problem for those who want guaranteed privacy and functionality.

What is the cost of PureVPN?

The pricing of PureVPN is not bad and you get the best deal if you select a 2-year plan where you get 73% off.

There is no free trial but you can test all the features risk-free for 31 days as there is money-back guarantee.

review of purevpn

Tip: To get the best deals and benefit from a discount, use the links provided in this article to start your risk-free trial.

How many devices are supported?

Up to 10 devices can be used simultaneously on one account which is highly commendable.

All major operating systems are supported by PureVPN and these include:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Routers
  • Consoles
  • Browsers
  • Streaming devices like Fire Stick

You can easily download the apps from PureVPN website using the link provided.

Does PurevPN keep logs?

PureVPN has a strict no-logs policy and an always-on audit policy in which surprise audits can be done by KPMG any time.

This has helped restore trust by users after the VPN provider was exposed to be keeping logs back in 2016.

During this period, PureVPN helped the FBI in tracking down a suspected internet stalker by combining logs to pinpoint the perpetrator’s IP address.

PureVPN responded to the outcry from privacy advocates by updating its Privacy Policy to be in line with what is expected in a premium VPN. Part of new policy reads:

“PureVPN specifically chose Hong Kong (HK) for its headquarter because there are “No Mandatory Data Retention Laws” in Hong Kong. We are, therefore, not legally obliged to store user data and share it with anyone. Moreover, as stated above, we have no worthwhile data to share with any law enforcement agency from any particular country in the world. Even if and when we receive subpoenas that are legally upheld in the court of law in Hong Kong, we won’t be of much help since we have almost nothing of value to share.”

The question is Can PureVPN be trusted? If you want total privacy, I recommend that you choose one of the alternatives with a known solid stance on privacy (see below).

However, if you want to unblock Netflix and other streaming services, PureVPN is a good choice.

Encryption and VPN protocols

As expected in a top VPN, PureVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect your data and this is hard to crack.

In addition, this VPN uses OpenVPN, IKEv2 and IPsec. Obsolete protocols like L2TP are no longer supported.

WireGuard is also not yet added to the options and I hope the provider does so in future as it has many advantages over OpenVPN.

Note that when your data is encrypted, the speed of the connection drops and this is one factor that causes a significant speed drop in some cases.

Does PureVPN change your IP?

With PurevPN, you can connect to one of the 6500+ servers and this changes your IP address.

In addition, you can opt to use a dedicated IP address as a paid addon, and only you can use that IP address.

There is also support for split tunneling where you partly use the internet with your actual IP address and partly with a masked IP address.

For more on split tunneling read this detailed article on the subject.

Is there a kill switch

A reliable kill switch is available to terminate any internet connection when there is disruption of the VPN connection.

This prevents you from sharing your data over an insecure network.

Are there DNS leaks

When you use PureVPN, your device is connected to secure VPN servers instead of ISP servers and there are no DNS leaks.

There is also WebRTC leak protection, so your ISP cannot see any DNS requests that are made when the VPN is active.

Is customer support good?

Customer support is polite and helpful. There is a live chat feature on their website and you are able to chat with a real human (not a bot).

You also get more information about the VPN in an extensive knowledge base on the site.

Is PureVPN good for Netflix?

Yes, PureVPN unblocks Netflix easily, along with other popular video-on-demand services like Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

The connection speed is slower than what top VPNs like NordVPN deliver, so for a better experience, I recommend going for the best.

PureVPN has servers that are optimized for streaming, so before you watch a TV show you need to connect to one of the servers.

The VPN defaults to a protocol that uses less encryption to achieve higher streaming speeds.

Other FAQs

Is PureVPN better than NordVPN?

NordVPN is the overall best VPN and is definitely better than PureVPN.

1. To break it down, NordVPN uses more reliable physical servers unlike PureVPN which has virtual servers to inflate their numbers.
2. Connection speed is way faster in NordVPN, making it the best option for streaming, torrenting or any data-heavy tasks online.
3. You get better apps with NordVPN and there are plenty of security features to protect you online.
4. PureVPN’s privacy policy was put to the test in 2016 when they released logs to the FBI. They have revised their privacy policy to regain public trust. NordVPN has a strict no-logs policy.
5. In a nutshell, you get more value for your money with NordVPN.

Does PureVPN have a free trial?

PureVPN has no free trial but there is a 31-day risk-free period where you can test all features of the VPN.
Make sure you contact support before the 31 days have elapsed so that you can get your full refund.

Is PureVPN a Chinese company?

No, PureVPN is not a Chinese company. It is owned by GZ Systems, a company based in Hong Kong.

Why is PureVPN so slow?

1. When you connect to a VPN, speed drops due to encryption of your data by VPN protocols.
2. In addition, you should select a VPN server that is in close proximity to make sure data travels a short distance which translates to faster speeds.
3. Sometimes, all you need to do is restart your device to clear apps slowing down your device.
4. You can also change the encryption level as OpenVPN is sometimes slower than IKEv2.

Is PureVPN good for torrenting?

Yes, PureVPN has servers that are dedicated for torrenting, making it an excellent VPN for torrenting.
When connected, you choose one of the servers which support P2P file sharing.

How do I cancel PureVPN?

Cancelling a subscription

1. Log into PureVPN’s member area using your credentials
2. Once you have logged in, open the cancellation form.
3. Select Username and complete questions on the form.
4. After completing the form, click the Submit button.
5. A PureVPN representative will follow up on your request for cancellation via email.

Getting a refund

PurevPN has a 31-day money-back guarantee and you need to read the Refund Policy carefully. As long as you haven’t exceeded the 31 days, proceed as follows to get your refund:

1. Log into PureVPN’s member area using your credentials
2. Open the refund form.
3. Select Username and complete questions on the form.
4. After completing the form, click the Submit button.
5. A PureVPN representative will follow up on your request for cancellation via email.
6. When you receive a conformation email, the request is processed within 24 hrs of your request and funds may take up to 30 days to be credited in your account.

How do I use PureVPN on Firestick?

How to setup PureVPN on FireStick

1. From the Main Menu, go to Categories, choose Utility, then select PureVPN.
2. Click on the Download button and wait for a few minutes for it to complete.
3. Go back to the Main Menu, navigate to My Apps and launch PureVPN.

How to connect PureVPN on FireStick TV

1. Go to Main Menu, navigate to My Apps and launch PureVPN. Enter your credentials.
2. Choose your desired country and wait for a few seconds for a connection to be established.
3. Success! You are now connected to PureVPN. Enjoy!


PureVPN is a premium VPN that performs all the functions of a VPN.

There are better alternatives that give more value for money and PureVPN’s privacy policy cast seeds of doubt in the past.

You get better connection speeds if you use PureVPN servers that are in close proximity. Other top VPNs perform a better job in terms of speed and functionality.

If you want a hassle-free VPN that delivers, look no further than NordVPN.

Which VPN are you using? Leave comments below and share the article with your friends on social media.

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