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Sellzone Review 2021: Best Toolkit For Amazon Sellers

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  • Free plan available
  • Tailored for Amazon sellers
  • 7-day free trial to test all features
  • Keyword research tool available
  • Price may be out of reach for newbies

Verdict: Solid toolkit which is a must-have for Amazon sellers

Are you a seller on Amazon and you want to take your sales to the next level? In this Sellzone review, you learn how to supercharge your Amazon sales with an all-in-one toolkit from Sellzone.

Why Sellzone?

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Sellzone (ex Sellerly) is a brain-child of Semrush and it was launched in 2019, hence the people behind it are highly experienced in online marketing.

Semrush has been around for at least 12 years and is a well-respected authority in boosting online visibility of businesses.

Currently, there are over 7 million users of Semrush and a staff complement of at least 900 dedicated members.

Having succeeded in bringing an unrivaled toolkit for SEO, Social Media Marketing and more, Semrush created Sellzone, an Amazon marketing tool.

Sellzone is meant to offer Amazon sellers a similar convenience of being able to analyze, monitor and get objective intel on Amazon products, under one roof.

  • Note that the official website is now instead of and even if you type in the old URL, you are redirected to

What are the common challenges for Amazon sellers?

If you are an experienced Amazon seller, you are probably familiar with the fierce competition that exists in the field.

Sellers compete to get their products to the top of the product search page. 

This requires one to be consistently analysing the market, using the right keywords and making the necessary adjustments.

Another challenge is poor profit margin if the price of a product is driven down by high competition as sellers undercut each other.

Only sellers with an edge in the market will consistently make profits in that environment.

As a seller, it is important to get all the metrics on how a product is performing on time and easily.

Traffic comes from sources like blogs, organic search and social media platforms.

The best tool for breaking down your traffic sources helps you know where customers are coming from as a seller.

This is where Sellzone comes in…

What tools do you get with Sellzone

There are 5 tools you find on Sellzone and each of these tools has a special role in ensuring an overall improvement in your Amazon performance.

Sellzone caters for both experienced and new users as the goal is to bring your product listings in front of the right eyeballs.

However, it’s easier to use Sellzone when you are already making sales because you quickly get feedback on performance of products against competitors.

  • The 5 Sellzone tools are as follows:
  1. Keyword Wizard
  2. Traffic Insights
  3. Listings Quality Check
  4. Listing Protection
  5. Split Testing Products

Let’s look at each and every tool in more detail…

1. Keyword Wizard

If you don’t use the right keywords for your listing, your products get buried in the search results and are not seen by potential customers.

Fortunately, Sellzone has integrated a keyword research tool, giving you an unlimited number of keywords at your fingertips.

This keyword wizard enables to find those high volume, low competition keywords so that your listing ranks high in the search results.

You nolonger have to worry about not getting the right keywords to drive sales because this tool does all the heavy lifting for you.

Once you identify keywords that bring the most customers, it’s easy to optimize your listing around what buying customers are already searching for.

sellzone 1

Make sure you include keywords in the title, product page and under Search Terms within your Seller Central account.

This keyword wizard tool works great if you are:

  • An experienced Amazon seller who is serious about dominating Amazon search results.
  • A newbie who wants the right customers to find your products
  • An agency working with Amazon clients and wants to increase visibility of product listings to customers.
  • A user of Semrush and you want a toolkit designed specifically for Amazon sellers.

You may not have direct control over conversions and customer reviews, but you greatly improve your Amazon rankings by using the right keywords for every listing.

2. Traffic Insights

This tool allows you to analyse all the sources of your traffic, be it referral, organic or from social media.

You are able to see which keywords are performing well in search, hence you can channel marketing resources to that product.

The tool allows you to enter URLs of products you are interested in and it breaks down all the metrics you need.

The depth of information you get with Traffic Insights shows you that experts are behind the tool and it’s obvious if you are a Semrush user.

3. Listings Quality Check

With this tool, you get a quick evaluation of the health of your listing and make adjustments where there is need.

That way your listing easily meets the minimum Amazon standards, hence easily gets visibility and more conversions.

You even get ideas and suggestions on how you can optimize your listing.

If you have old listings, you can revamp them and align to best practices on Amazon.

All this information is available side by side so you quickly make the necessary decisions.

4. Listing Protection

Once you are satisfied with the quality of your product listing, the next thing is to monitor performance.

This is done using the Listing Protection tool and with this you can monitor any keyword on Amazon.

It’s also easy to keep track of competing products so that you are not left behind.

If there are any changes in metrics of your listing , you get an email or SMS notification.

Information that you are notified on includes:

  • Losing a buy box
  • Loss in keyword position
  • Listing suppression
  • Change in price

Notification happens as soon as the change occurs so that you take action fast.

This tool does the heavy lifting for you, all you have to do is make adjustments to direct your resources to the winning keywords.

5. Split-Testing 

This is a FREE A/B testing tool that is also available to those who have not yet subscribed.

Split testing tool enables you to assess the effects of changes you make to your listing.

Changes you make include:

  • Product description
  • Images
  • Title
  • Prices

By comparing the before and after of listings side by side, you easily see which one is driving more sales.

Sellzone pricing

There are three plans that are billed monthly or annually and these are, a Free plan, Growth plan and a Pro plan, with access to all the tools.

You get a 7-day free trial to get a feel of ALL the premium features risk-free and afterwards your subscription kicks in.


The team at Sellzone kept the price of the paid plan low so that it’s not a barrier to new sellers.

  • Tip: Save up to $200.00 by selecting an annual plan as opposed to a monthly plan. This translates to $40/month for the Growth plan and $70/month for the Pro plan.

To get immediate benefits, I recommend you start with the Growth plan then upgrade to the Pro plan as your Amazon business gains momentum.

You get the following benefits included in a paid plan:

  • Unlimited keyword research
  • Unlimited seed keywords per day
  • Keyword list export
  • Keyword smart filters and sorting
  • More traffic insights
  • List protection
  • Access to a private Facebook Group with Amazon Gurus
  • A dedicated manager (Pro plan)

There is a strong customer support to guide you through the whole process and listen to any feedback.

What to expect

The tools are very easy to use and you are able to assess your visibility outside the Amazon ecosystem.

It’s easy to assess your competition so that you quickly fill in the gaps where your listings are lacking.

The monitoring tool gives you quick notifications if your keywords are falling behind your competition.


Separate yourself from your competitors by adding Sellzone to your toolkit.

You get everything you need in one place and this makes it easy to make decisions in a highly competitive marketplace.

The approach used by Semrush where you find all the tools under one roof worked perfectly for Sellzone.

Create a free Sellzone account and start optimizing your Amazon listings. You can find more information on Sellzone official website.

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