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Background of selecting the best VPN

If you don’t have time to sift through reviews, you can use this simple guide to select the best VPN. This is based on features that are considered when choosing a VPN. 


Therefore, we have cut to the chase and outlined the best VPN for each feature. That way, you can be confident that all the features you require are covered by the VPN. 

Overall best VPN with ALL features

We start with the overall best VPN with all the bells and whistles you may need in a VPN. This VPN is NordVPN and it excels in the department of cyber-security. 

This is because it does more than creating a highly secure VPN tunnel when you are online. NordVPN also has:

With NordVPN, you get everything required in a VPN, that is speed, privacy and seamless changing of your IP address. 

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King of speed – Best for connection speed

If speed is what you are looking for, ExpressVPN rules the roost. The servers are super-fast and have been optimized for heavy-duty streaming, gaming and large downloads.

The only downside of ExpressVPN is the monthly cost, which is $8.32/month. If you are willing to ignore the cost, you get yourself a lightning fast connection. This also comes with modern VPN protocols and strong encryption.

Other VPN basic features are also available but NordVPN offers a better package.

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Get more for less- Best value for money

If your budget is tight, don’t despair because some VPN providers provide top features at the lowest cost. Surfshark is one of the best VPN services and they have a super-cheap plan of just $2.49/month and 1 FREE year!

With that, you still get high speeds, military-grade encryption and an excellent user experience. This VPN works on all your devices without a limit to the number of simultaneous connections.

Only VyprVPN is a strong close contentor as it is also a top VPN with a low cost of $2.50/month. 

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User-friendly VPN – Best for Newbies

If you are new to using a VPN you don’t want to fumble with too many options. A ‘plug and play’ kind of VPN is a good choice. 

The majority of VPN providers have made huge strides to make the initial setup as painless as possible, but CyberGhost has the most user-friendly interface.

Once you install CyberGhost you easily connect to the nearest optimum server. The Quick Connect feature is available in other VPNs but CyberGhost takes the cake in being the most user friendly VPN.

Start using CyberGhost VPN 

VPN with a plan for everyone

Sometimes you need a completely free plan with only basic features of a VPN. Look no further than Hide.me which has 4 plans to choose from, including a free plan.

The free plan has a 10Gig limit and that is reasonable given that competitors like Tunnelbear have a limit of 500Mb per month.

With the free plan, Hide.me limits you to 5 of their servers and you only use 1 device at a time. Their paid plans are not bad, so you can easily unlock more features by the click of a button.

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There you go! A simple guide to select the best VPN. There is no need for you to split hairs because with NordVPN, there is no feature that you miss. It’s a matter of selecting what you value most but remember, you can’t compromise security because you may end up losing a lot.

Which VPN have you decided to use? Leave comments below.

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