Best of Series to Stream on Hulu right now

The Best Of Series To Stream On Hulu Right Now

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If you have some free time on your hands, you probably want to relax at home and indulge in some good T.V. Assuming that you have already binge-watched all the top picks on Netflix or already caught up with the rest of your favorite shows, it time to stream the awesome new stuff on Hulu. The Hulu network is featuring loads of fresh and amazing content that will keep you hooked. Here’s a list of eight best of series to stream on Hulu right now, that are worth your while:

Only Murders in the Building

Only murders in the building is the perfect combination of comedy and crime, which is why it gets a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score. The story starts in an upper Westside apartment building and revolves around an unusual trio that is obsessed with criminal investigation; two old men and a young women out to solve a murder mystery turns out to be a lot more interesting than it sounds.

They realize that the person who needs a criminal defense lawyer is closer than they’d imagined. If you’ve been pining to see Selena Gomez act again, this show is everything you need.

American Horror Story

American Horror Story manages to surprise every time with a new kind of horrifying story that is so much better than the conventional jump-scare flicks that make no sense.

The show’s 10th season is underway and is titled ‘Double Feature’ since there are two parts to it: one part of the season is by the sea, and the second is by the sand.

If you haven’t watched earlier seasons of American Horror Story, you have quite a lot of thrilling and gruesome content to keep you satisfied.

Looking for Alaska

This mini-series is based on John Green’s bestselling novel ‘Looking for Alaska’, and it is among the few screen plays that do justice to the book.

If you haven’t read the book, the story depicts the coming-of-age challenges, which are the key topic in all publications of the author.

The protagonist is a young boy on the path of self-discovery, who is struck by love and an unexpected tragedy.

The Great

If you love historical drama, you might appreciate ‘The Great’ – a dramatic comedy featuring 18th century, Russia. The series is laid out to break stereotypes and establish a resounding take on feminism.

The performances by young actors ‘Elle Fanning’ and ‘Nicholas Hoult’ are sensational. The series is a witty and wild ride showcasing the rise of an ordinary woman from nothing to greatness.


Dollface is another modern sitcom that captivates with its lighthearted storyline and a cool cast. If you were a fan of the show ‘man seeking woman’, you are going to devour this one.

It’s basically the woman version of the whole scenario, but perhaps a tad bit less melodramatic, which I believe is a good thing. Kat Dennings, Shay Mitchell, and Brenda Song put together are too hot to handle.

Love, Victor

Love, Victor is a spinoff series of the critically acclaimed movie ‘Love, Simon’. Victor is yet another closeted teenager who is lost in the ups and downs at home and in high school.

He is blackmailed to come out while he is still unsure of his sexual orientation. He reaches out to Simon to help him out when he becomes too overwhelmed by the challenges.

Normal People

This series is an adaptation of Sally Rooney’s best-selling novel ‘Normal People’ that follows an on-and-off relationship between a boy and girl.

They first get together in sixth form and then re-unite at university, but the circumstances are very different. They break up repeatedly due to differences in class and social standing, but their personal similarities bring them together again.

The Act

The Act is a true-crime series, which is stranger and more shocking than most fictional crime stories. It explores a toxic relationship between mother and daughter.

The daughter strives for independence – a journey that reveals deep dark secrets and leads to murder. Joe King is phenomenal in the challenging role of the daughter and the drama keeps you on edge.


You can watch content on Hulu from anywhere in the world by using a VPN. Read a full review of the best VPNs for Hulu here. Which show on Hulu do you like the most? Leave comments below and share the article on social media.

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