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20 Best Streaming Services You Should Try In 2021

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Background of streaming services

More people are ditching local broadcasting services for streaming services and for most people, a name that comes to mind is Netflix. However, there are more alternatives out there that offer top-quality online TV content. In this article, I look at the best streaming services you should try in 2021. 

You can access these services from anywhere in the world by using a reliable VPN. This allows you to change your geo-location so that you are able to view content accessible to others.

In addition, you also stream movies or shows securely and privately. This keeps hackers and other interested parties away from your private business.

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Here is the ultimate list of popular streaming services you can start using now.

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netflix 5432181 1920

Netflix is the pioneer of online TV streaming, after evolving from a DVD-on-demand service.

You have an option to select the resolution you want to use when watching shows and movies.

You pay less for a lower resolution but you are still able to watch content clearly. 

Their plans are:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

Prices vary from country to country but range from $9/month to $16/month.

They are currently the best streaming services with over 190 million subscribers and are available in many countries worldwide.

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This is another online-streaming service that recorded 35.5 million+ subscribers in the first quarter of 2020.

It is based in America and is also one of the cheapest video-on-demand services. The plans are as follows:

  • Basic – $5.99/month and is ad-supported
  • Premium – $11.99/month and is ad-free
  • You can also get bundled plans that include ESPN+ for $12.99 (ad-supported) and $18.99 (ad-free)

There is Hulu Live TV that includes live streams of more than 50 broadcast and cable-originated channels, including feeds of the five major broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW.

To access this you pay about $54.99/month.

By the end of 2019, the number of subscribers reached 2.7 million.

You can use a VPN to unblock Hulu if you don’t stay in the US.

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Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video 1

This service is owned by Amazon and offers movies + shows that you can buy or rent.

You don’t need a subscription to rent a movie with Amazon Prime and it is available worldwide.

The library of content is vast  and the user base has expanded to over 150 million active subscribers.

Amazon Prime Video is neck-to-neck with Netflix as the best streaming services you should try. There are 3 plans:

  • Prime Video – $8.99/moth
  • Prime – $10.99/month
  • Prime (annual) – $99/year

With Amazon Prime Video you have access to:

  • Movies and TV shows
  • Music streaming
  • Over a million eBooks
  • Early access to lightning deals
  • You can save up to 25% with a prepayment discount

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disney plus 1

Disney+ is based in America and is another video-on-demand streaming service that is relatively new.

However, it commands a subscription base of more than 54.5 million subscribers. You also get bundled services that include ESPN+ and Hulu.

There are 2 plans:

  • You get Disney+ for $9.99/month
  • Alternatively, you can also choose an annual plan for $69.99 ($5.83/month).

Prices vary depending on what other services you include in the bundles.

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YouTube Premium

youtube premium 1

This service was launched by YouTube in 2018 and is separate from YouTube Music.

With YouTube Premium, you can watch YouTube videos without advertisements across all devices. The number of subscribers is now over 20 million.

You also access original content from YouTube subscribers and for this you pay $11.99/month. 

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logo header peacock 02 1

Peacock makes it to the list as one of the best streaming services worldwide. It is based in America and its content comes primarily from NBCUniversal library.

If you are a subscriber, you get content a week earlier than a non-subscriber. To date Peacock has more than 10 million subscribers.

Apart from Peacock’s original programming, you also get:

  • Third-party content
  • Sports
  • News

The plans are:

  • Free – delayed shows, ads, $0/month
  • Premium – access all content, limited ads, $4.99/month
  • Premium Plus – access all content, no ads, $9.99/month

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espn 1

Here, we have an over-the-top streaming service based in America that is largely owned by Walt Disney Company.

This is a service you should definitely use if you are a sports fan and you join other 8.5 million subscribers. It streams content like:

  • Boxing
  • College Sports
  • Tennis Grand Slams
  • International Cricket
  • Soccer (Major Leagues)
  • Hockey
  • And more

ESPN+ is one of the best streaming services you should try if you are a sports enthusiast. In 2019, ESPN+ acquired rights to Germany’s Bundesliga starting 2020+

The plans are as follows:

  • $5.99/month
  • You can choose the yearly plan for $49.99
  • In addition, you can selected a bundle with Disney+ and Hulu for $12.99/month.

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CBS All Access

cbs all access 2

CBS All Access is an American company that is owned by CBS Interactive and streams content from their vast library.

There are more than 4 million subscribers who enjoy content like:

  • Movies
  • TV Series
  • Reality TV
  • Sports
  • Nickelodeon Content
  • And More

There are 2 plans:

  • Limited Commercial $5.99/month with 1 week free
  • Commercial Free $9.99/month with 1 week free

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hbo max 1

This online streaming service was launched in May 2020 and has already garnered 4.1 million users.

It is based in America and its media comes from WarnerMedia.

There are more than 30 content providers that include:

  • BBC
  • Cartoon Network
  • Sony Pictures
  • Warner Bros
  • Comedy Central
  • HBO
  • Crunchyroll
  • And More

You get all the content for $14.99/month

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showtime 1

Showtime is also one of the other best streaming services you find and they have 10 million subscribers.

You can watch feature films, episodes of Showtime’s original series, adult programming and sports events.

This all comes with no ads to distract you.

You pay $10.99/month to access all the content.

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starz 1

This video-on-demand service is owned by Lion’s Gate Entertainment and is available to existing 26.2 million Starz subscribers at no additional cost.

You get the chance to watch behind-the-scenes content in addition to movies, series and TV shows.

You pay $8.99/month to get all Starz content

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Apple TV+

apple tv 1

This is an ad-free subscription video-on-demand web television service of Apple Inc. Currently it has over 33.6 million subscribers in the U.S.

With Apple TV+ you enjoy original films and documentaries among other programming.

The service is expected to grow in the coming years and is definitely one of the best streaming services you should try.

To access all content, you part with $4.99 per month

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quibi 1

This streaming service did not have a good launch. However, after regrouping you can now access ad-free content that includes short films and  shows.

Content on Quibi is delivered in 10 minute-duration or less and is specifically designed to be streamed on mobile devices.

About 5.6 million people have downloaded the Quibi app to date.

There are 2 plans at the moment:

  • Subscription with ads $4.99/month
  • Subscription with no ads $7.99/month

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DC Universe

dc universe 1

The site offers video-on-demand services and was launched in 2018. It is owned by WannerMedia and is based in America.

The number of subscribers is not clear, and if you Google around you can tell the uptake is low. 

DC Universe has a big database of superhero comics and films so if you are a hardcore fan you need to sign up.

This is one of the best streaming services you should try for a dose of comics.

As for plans, you can chose:

  • Annual plan for $74.99
  • Monthly plan for $7.99

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crunchyroll 1

This streaming service has over 3 million subscribers and is available worldwide although country restrictions have affected the reach.

It mainly streams anime, manga and dorama

There are over 70 million registered users worldwide. If you want to join there are 3 plans:

  • 1 month  $7.99/month
  • 3 months  $22.99 ($7.66/month)
  • Annual  $79.99 ($6.66/month)

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Acorn TV

acorn tv

Acorn TV makes it to the list of best streaming services and can be accessed on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku.

It is based in America and offers a combination of new and classic mysteries, dramas, comedies, + documentaries. 

There are 1 million subscribers and the plans are as follows and include a 7-day free trial:

  • Monthly $5.99/month
  • Annual $59.99/month

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britbox 1

BBC and ITV plc came together to form Britbox to serve the United States of America, Canada. Australia and the United Kingdom.

Netflix forced content providers to collaborate and fight against a common competitor in the streaming area.

Currently, there are over 1 million subscribers.

Britbox has become one of the best streaming services you should try.

The main focus of Britbox is on British series and films. You can start streaming content after choosing one of these plans:

  • Monthly $6.99/month
  • Annual $69.99

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The Criterion Channel

CriterionChannel logo 1

This company offers streaming services to Canada and the United States of America. The content is curated from their vast library.

Their plans are available monthly and annually if you want to save in the long-run:

  • Monthly $10.99/month
  • Annual $99.99/year

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shudder 1

Shudder is one of the 3 streaming services owned by AMC Networks with a combined subscriber base of more than 2 million.

It specializes in streaming horror, thriller and supernatural films.

If you have strong nerves and you love the adrenaline rush, this is a service for you.

This is definitely one of the best streaming services you should try and their plans are as follows:

  • Monthly, at $5.99/month, or 
  • Annual, at $56.99/year and you save 

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mubi 1

This is a worldwide streaming service available in over 190 countries and available on Roku devices, PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, LG and Samsung Smart TVs, as well as on mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android. 

There are now 9 million subscribers streaming content on Mubi. You can sign up for one of these plans:

  • Free plan – you can browse the content and contribute to discussions
  • Monthly $10.99/month
  • Annual $95.88/year (discounted)

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These are the best streaming services you should try. Here you can access top shows, movies, sports and other events. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Remember, you can access this content from anywhere in the world if you have a reliable VPN.

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