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best vpn for console gaming
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Background of VPN for console gaming

In this article we look at the best VPN for console gaming. I use Microsoft’s XBox as an example. If you own an Xbox One, for you to fully enjoy this gaming powerhouse you have to take things online.

The latest offering from Microsoft is the Xbox One X, to be superseded by the Xbox Series X, starting November 2020. You can now enjoy 4K gaming with tonnes of storage space and more connectivity.

However, there are VPNs for Xbox One to ensure that you enjoy your gaming experience securely and in private.

  • Got no time? Our best pick for XBox is ExpressVPN because of its fast network.

Gaming and the internet

Just like its competitors, Xbox One has features that allow it to access the internet for various purposes. These include:

Cloud Computing

You can play games on demand as they are streamed from servers directly to your Xbox. Microsoft has xCloud to handle that.

Social Networking

You can easily combine your gaming with major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. This is accessed right from your Xbox One and all your accounts can be managed from there

Sharing Gaming Video

It is also easy to record video while playing games on your Xbox One and share with your followers on social media

Live Streaming

In addition to xCloud, there are other online streaming services like Twitch where you can access tonnes of games and stream them right on your console

  • At a glance, these are the best VPNs for XBox:

Security risks involved in online gaming

All these portals for accessing the internet require you to enter your login credentials and also expose the IP address of your Xbox One. Your traffic is visible to interested parties on the internet and unless you do something to hide it, you are always at risk of cyber-attacks.

Hackers can steal your identity, access your accounts without authorization, hack your Xbox One. In most cases, this does not end well.

Your ISP can limit bandwidth, called bandwidth throttling, if you stream high resolution video games that need a lot of bandwidth.

In most cases, the more complex the passwords you use, the higher the chances that those are not stored safely. It’s hard to remember a complex password by head, that’s why we recommend use of a password manager, like NordPass, to generate and store all passwords.

best vpn for console gaming xbox

Best VPN for console gaming: Xbox One

These VPN services have all the features you need to experience online gaming at another level. There is guaranteed privacy and anonymity.

ExpressVPN – Fastest servers

  • Editor’s Choice
Trustpilot 4.7

This VPN has all the speed you need to stream games with zero lag. ExpressVPN has servers optimized for speed and reliability. You also get:

  • No logs
  • No DNS leaks
  • Good customer support
  • Strong encryption

 You also get 35% off the 1-year plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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NordVPN – Has all essential features

Trustpilot 4.4

NordVPN has a perfect balance of speed, reliability, cost and features. There are a lot of extra features packed in NordVPN. These include:

  • Adblock
  • Anti-malware
  • Nordlynx protocol
  • Onion-over browser
  • No logs policy
  • No DNS leaks

They are also the developers of NordPass, a free password manager that you need to include in your arsenal. If you sign up for NordVPN, you get 70% off the 2-year plan and there is a 30 day free-trial. 

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Surfshark VPN – Very cost-effective

Trustpilot 4.3

If you want a VPN with high speed at an affordable cost, you also have an option to choose Surfshark. Some of the features you get are:

  • No logs
  • No DNS leaks
  • Fast servers
  • Strong encryption

There is a promotion where you get it for as low as $1.99/month. This is a massive 83% off the usual price for a 2-year plan.

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CyberGhost VPN – Widespread coverage

Trustpilot 4.8

Here we have one of the top VPNs for Xbox with a user-friendly interface that is best for beginners. You easily get connected to the nearest server with the fastest speed. Other features include:

  • No logs
  • No DNS leaks
  • Supports all devices
  • Good customer support

The most popular plan is a 18-month plan with 79% discount. The servers are optimized for gaming and you won’t experience any bandwidth throttling from your ISP.

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Hotspot Shield VPN – Powerful in unblocking sitres

Trustpilot 4.1

This VPN is famous for the role it played in unblocking government censorship during uprisings in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. To get the best experience in gaming, where speed is important, you need to sign up for a paid plan. Other features include:

  • Strong encryption
  • Proven track record
  • Fast servers
  • Widespread coverage
  • Good customer support

The free plan is for low-volume browsing but since gaming requires a lot of bandwidth, you need to access optimized servers. Remember, a free plan comes with ads and we don’t want that as they ruin the user experience and slow down the network. 

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The above best VPN for console gaming Xbox have been tried and tested. Fortunately they are all compatible across different operating systems and you can connect multiple devices to one account simultaneously.

The new Xbox is coming out around November 2020, and you can continue using the same VPN service. Don’t lose your privacy online, and communicate directly without any third party in the middle.

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