Week 36 Top 10 Netflix Shows You Should Watch Right Now

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Without further ado, here are the top 10 TV shows on Netflix this week, starting from number 10.

Number 10. The Legend of Korra

This is an award-winning, animated series of a female avatar who controls all elements on Earth to maintain balance of the world. She has to protect herself from physical and spiritual adversaries.

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Number 9. Hoops

Hot-headed, foul-mouthed coach Ben Hopkins thinks he can turn around his life by leading an awful basketball team to the big leagues. Don’t miss this adult, animated TV sitcom.

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Number 8. I Am a Killer Released

This intriguing series is about a 53-year old convicted killer, Dale Wayne Sigler. He was put on death row in 1991 but 3 years later this was turned to life with possibility of parole after 30 years. Watch events unfold and how he made a stunning confession that left everyone shell-shocked.

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Number 7. Bunk’d

This comedy-series features fun-loving siblings who head off to Moose Rump, to spend summer at Camp Kikiwaka. The camp is notorious for violating health and safety regulations, but it remains open. Find out what they are up to.

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Number 6. The Umbrella Academy

If you are a fan of superheros then this one is for you. A dysfunctional family of adopted siblings who are superheroes must unite and solve the mystery of an impending apocalypse.

Their father was killed and these superheroes must get answers. Watch this series and prepare for exciting displays of powers.

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Number 5. Million Dollar Beach House

This is a reality TV series where real estate brokers and agents sell multi-million dollar beach houses in the Hamptons. Competition is fierce and personal drama unfolds in the series.

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Number 4. Cocomelon

Lovely show for kids with plenty of exciting activities and is also available on YouTube. Plenty of nursery rhymes and other children’s songs. The channel has 92.2 million subscribers, and comes 3rd behind PewDiePie and T-series.

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Number 3. Lucifer

Lucifer takes a break from Hell and settles in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. He enjoys punishing the bad guys and becomes an unlikely partner with a savvy cop Chloe Decker.

Meanwhile, his twin brother plans to ruin his Kingdom and Lucifer must put things in order. Find out if Chloe and Lucifer take things to the next level.

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Number 2. Sister Sister

2 sisters, who are identical twins, are separated at birth and accidentally reunite after 14 years. They move in together and start blending personalities and families.

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Number 1. Cobra Kai

At the top is an American action, comedy-drama TV series. Johnny Lawrence, now in his 50s, lost in a Karate Tournament 34 years ago. He rescues a boy from a gang and is persuaded to reopen a Cobra Kai Karate dojo as a way to recapture his past.

The dojo attracts social outcasts who regain confidence under his tutelage. A series of events unfold, and Johnny must reconcile with his past.

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Come back next week for another update of top 10 Netflix shows. Remember, for your online security, privacy and freedom to watch any Netflix content from anywhere, use one of the trusted VPN services. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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