Reading Time: 2 minutes Last time, I highlighted the drawbacks of AirTags as they can be used to track an unsuspecting individual. It seems there is even more to worry about because hackers can use AirTags to steal your account. The worst part is that this cyberattack takes place when you find a lostContinue Reading

new malicious lightning cable that can hack iphones scaled

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cybercriminals usually come up with deceptive tactics to attack unsuspecting victims. Even mobile accessories can be booby-trapped to deliver a payload when connected and it’s something to watch for if you use aftermarket phone accessories. Amongst the attack hardware is a new malicious lightning cable that can hack iPhones fromContinue Reading

what to do when youve been hacked 2 scaled

Reading Time: 6 minutes As an internet user, it is important that you actively monitor your online accounts to make sure that they have not been hacked. In this article, I look at what to do when you’ve been hacked and an attacker has complete control of your account. Security of your email accountsContinue Reading